«Computing power and storage space at the touch of a button»

David Dot Bonet, Network Manager Interroll

The story in brief:

With Swisscom's Dynamic Computing Services, Interroll uses computing power and storage space "at the touch of a button". 

The technologies of the logistics specialists Interroll are in use worldwide – among others at Amazon, Coca-Cola and DHL. In order to be able to optimally serve its some 28,000 customers, Interroll relies on a highly available and stable IT infrastructure. Swisscom delivers IT power on demand.

About Interroll

  • Industry: Conveyor technology, automation
  • Employees: approx. 2300
  • Patents: > 500

About the project

  • Computing power and storage space on command
  • Central applications are operated in Swisscom data centres 


These products are used by Interroll

Dynamic Computing Services (DCS)

With Computing Services, Managed Data Centre and Data Centre Services from the secure Swisscom Cloud, large companies adapt their IT to their needs in an agile manner. 


The global business of Interroll is extremely dynamic and places high demands on its company-wide IT infrastructure: New resources have to be available quickly and reliably, processes have to run absolutely stably while employees have to be able to access data securely from anywhere. In addition, customers use various online services.


With Swisscom Dynamic Computing Services Interroll gets computing power and memory “at the push of a button”. Central applications such as finance programs and the Active Directory are operated on highly available servers in Swisscom computing centres. A secure internet connection guarantees effortless global access to data and applications.

portrait david dot bonet

«The solution's scalability and flexibility are convincing us.»

David Dot Bonet, Network Manager, Interroll