Flachglas (Schweiz) AG

‘Swisscom's cloud and connectivity services allow us to focus on our core business.’

Iwan Schmid, IT Manager

The story in brief:

Cloud services, location networking and mobile communication for Flachglas (Schweiz) AG

The Flachglass company is one of the leading glass refiners in Europe and has been producing high-performance functional glass for facades, interior fittings, vehicles and special applications for over 70 years. The long-standing experience in handling complex projects and high-quality glass assemblies, the high level of commitment and craftsmanship of the more than 1,200 employees (about 200 of them in Switzerland) and the continuous investment in new technologies are the reasons for its successful position in the international market. In Switzerland, Flachglas uses Dynamic Computing Services (an IaaS Cloud Services) as well as Company Connect and NATEL® go from Swisscom.

About Flachglas AG

  • Industry: Industrial production
  • Headquaters: Wikon
  • Employees: 200

About the project

  • Replacement of the outdated server infrastructure
  • All ICT infrastructure services obtained directly from the Swisscom Cloud


These products are used by Flachglas (Schweiz) AG

Dynamic Computing Services (DCS)

With Computing Services from the secure Swisscom Cloud, large companies adapt their IT to their needs in an agile manner.


NATEL® go simplifies your mobile communications. Its tailored subscriptions and flat rates save you money and time.

Enterprise Connect

Order, interact and respond to requirements quickly in real time via an online dashboard using virtualised network services.


In Switzerland, Flachglass Ltd. is distributed over three locations. Beside the headquarter of the holding in Wikon, Flachglas operates production facilities in Wikon/LU and Thun/BE. Whether insulating, thermal insulation, solar control, safety or sound insulation glass, walk-in glass or structural glazing element facades - flat glass produces precise and customer-specific solutions according to ISO 9001. The quality-oriented company therefore depends on a reliable ICT infrastructure with innovative networking solutions and services.


In 2016, Flachglas (Schweiz) Ltd. was faced with the decision to replace its outdated server infrastructure or to go into the Cloud. Until then, the company operated one data centre each at the Wikon and Thun sites with a comprehensive server infrastructure to which both production sites were connected. Now all sites obtain their ICT infrastructure services directly from the Swisscom Cloud and are connected via Company Connect (Internet/Data/Voice). The company's own server infrastructure could be omitted which significantly simplified the ICT operation.

Iwan Schmid, Leiter Informatik

‘Swisscom's cloud and connectivity services allow us to focus on our core business.’

Iwan Schmid, IT Manager