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The new world of mobility: thanks to NATEL® go, you can now communicate without borders in over 90 countries worldwide

We are increasing the high-speed roaming data volume for NATEL® go roaming subscriptions from 2 GB to up to 40 GB from 1 March 2019. This will make mobile working and carefree communication standard practice worldwide.

Mobile communication and mobile working are here to stay in our day-to-day lives. New technological possibilities are continuously changing the ways that we live and work. These modern working models hold great potential for companies, and it’s time to exploit it to the full.

Flexible working is the cornerstone of these new working models, whereby employees need to be mobile and be able to work on the move. However, mobile communication is just the start: the performance of mobile devices and broadband mobile networks will soon enable entire business processes to go mobile.

Increased efficiency, greater flexibility, a higher level of employee satisfaction and a lower energy footprint are just a few of the reasons why companies see mobility as such an important topic. NATEL® go offers you the ideal basis for digital progress with its multi-channel, multi-stakeholder approach. Benefit from the most attractive offer in the mobile world, with the highest security standards and the widest global coverage.

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Optimise the processes and management for mobile communication at your company.

Tailored flat-rate subscriptions

Benefit from tailored flat-rate subscriptions for voice, data and SMS.

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Easy management with the Business Center

The hub for your mobile communication simplifies all of the processes.

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Device-independent access with Multi Device

With Multi Device you can use one subscription for multiple devices in parallel.

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Added benefits with Advanced Calling

With Voice over LTE technology you experience the ultimate in quality telephony.

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Separate personal and business usage

Keep your costs under control at all times

Benefit from a flexible tariff system

This solution is ideal if your employees also want to use the business subscription privately.

You can adjust your cost limits and blocking sets easily whenever you want.

You can manage repeating and changing mobility requirements with very little effort.

Swisscom – the right partner for your mobile communication

We give your company professional support and guide you securely into the future of mobility. With innovative options and supplementary services, we offer our customers all-round mobile solutions from a single source. Our excellent network and service quality and our high security standards distinguish us from other providers.

  • Best mobile phone network in Switzerland (connect and CHIP mobile network test)
  • With more than 650 roaming partners, you’re always mobile when you’re abroad as well
  • Widest 4G coverage
  • WiFi Calling and VoLTE (Voice over LTE)
  • More than 5,000 PWLAN hotspots

Our Offer:


Mobile Voice Recording

Optimal protection thanks to digitised voice recording.


COMBOX® pro & Professional Voice

The COMBOX® pro is your mobile answerphone with an acoustic business card. Your customers will be impressed by your professional COMBOX® message.


Buyback Business

Sell your old mobiles and tablets with Buyback Business and we’ll erase your data using a free, certified deletion process.

What our customers say:

The hub for your mobile communication

The Business Center has been designed as a central enterprise solution. It provides all of the processes for your mobile communication on different channels (multi-channel) and for different stakeholders (multi-stakeholder).


As a unique platform on the market, the Business Center covers the entire process, from ordering and managing the subscription to its delivery and invoicing on different channels. With the Business Center you can manage your mobile services and invoices easily, efficiently and whenever it suits you.

Your benefits at a glance:

Easy handling

Define mobile subscriptions and options directly in real time

Efficient workflows

Via standardised order processes and uniform subscription structures

Cost security and transparency

Via automated, system-based cost control in the portal

Separation of private and business costs

Private mobile needs are covered in a separate invoice

Multichannel and Multi-Stakeholder Platform


General functions in the Business Center


Order: Order mobile subscriptions and options immediately in real time.

Allocation: Assign mobile subscriptions to cost centres, users and predefined authorisation profiles.

Administration: Adjust mobile subscriptions and options at any time. Efficient mass changes possible instantly.

Accounting: Separation of private and business costs. Employees can also receive a private invoice (optional).

Reporting: Access to all Swisscom invoicing and call charge data in one web application with retrievable reports.

Support: Personal contact for Fleet Managers. 24/7 for end-users (online, over the phone or in person).



Multi Device

Use one subscription for multiple devices in parallel.

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Fringe Benefit

Specify cost limits and conveniently separate business and private costs.

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Alternative phone number

Externally display an alternative phone number for outgoing calls so that return calls are always forwarded to the right place.


         Supplementary service


Device as a Service

Manage your mobile devices, from acquisition to guarantee and repair management.

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Enterprise Mobility Management

Protect your company data on mobile devices and simultaneously optimise your business processes.

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Mobility for Work

Increase your employees’ satisfaction by enabling them to manage devices and subscriptions themselves.

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Mobile Voice Recording

Optimum protection with digitalised voice recordings – anywhere, at any time.

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Professional Voice

Customise your COMBOX greetings according to your Corporate Design specifications.

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