• 5G is much more than just speed

    The first network to bring everything together.

5G for your future business

5G opens up numerous innovation opportunities for your business. Processes, machines and data can be fully connected and automated. Individual elements, such as cloud, security, data management or the Internet of Things (IoT), become one, thanks to 5G.

The 5th generation mobile technology standard is creating brand new business models and industries. The scope it provides for unimaginable innovation is leading to a completely rethought digital experience. 

The advantages with 5G are versatile


Edge cloud


Network slicing






PSB Research on 5G

The potential of 5G is highlighted by the 2016 study conducted by PSB Research, in which around 3,600 people from seven countries were interviewed about 5G. 

Key findings

  • 91% expect new products and services to be developed as a result of 5G
  • 87% expect new industries to emerge thanks to 5G
  • 82% expect small business growth and greater global competition
  • 85% expect companies to be more globally competitive thanks to 5G
  • 89% expect an increase in productivity


5G solutions

Data volumes are growing exponentially across the world and the newly invented technologies of tomorrow are already in the making. 5G is opening new opportunities to connect things together. We’ll show you the characteristics of the new mobile technology standard and how it can benefit your business. The time to act is now.

Your network as a key to success

Mobile Private Network provides extremely reliable, secure networking for businesses – at local, national and international level. With dedicated 5G or 4G networks and network slicing, different bandwidths can be provided and guaranteed for business-critical applications. Clouds and existing network components can easily be integrated. Mobile Private Network combines the benefits of different network technologies, enabling companies to integrate 5G in their business processes and even reduce total costs of ownership.

Whether it’s mobiles, laptops, sensors, machines or vehicles, anything can be flexibly connected with Mobile Private Network, benefiting various applications, e.g. industrial companies that want to link their production sites or hospital campuses keen to guarantee ultra-reliable voice and video communication.

With 5G, people and technology stay connected in any situation

A stable, reliable and secure network is crucial for public security organisations, for example. Network slicing, for instance, can guarantee defined availability and bandwidths for emergency services. Mission critical services and network slicing can ensure fast, accurate data communication or voice services over the mobile network. Whether for medical or rail services, with 5G, critical applications take absolute priority and are highly secure in any situation.


IoT for unlimited possibilities

The booming Internet of Things is connecting more and more devices that are transferring more and more data. 5G provides important building blocks that can help companies keep up with this growth in qualitative and quantitative terms. Aside from countless new IoT applications, 5G is playing a key role in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and will have a huge influence on smart industries. Smart cities, smart manufacturing, smart buildings, smart homes or smart wearables: everything is connected and the possibilities are virtually limitless.

Uninterrupted mobility, short response times, high scalability and reliability are characteristics that make 5G indispensable for IoT projects. Enhanced performance, low latency and enormous network capacities are key drivers for Massive IoT. You can find further information about Enterprise IoT on our IoT page.



Fail-safe and powerful for your business

Fixed Wireless Access brings a flexible, powerful, cost-effective connection into your building for your network, Internet and telephony. The application is especially suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, temporary solutions on building sites and at event venues, or networks in remote areas. Its centrepiece is a 5G booster that works like a private antenna and is fixed to the building. There are no fibre-optic cables in the ground and the data network runs directly through the booster, which is connected to your router.

We at Swisscom are constantly developing Fixed Wireless Access in order to smooth your path to future-oriented business models. You can find the full Smart Business Connect portfolio here.

Ideally connected – anytime, anywhere.

Enhanced Mobile Broadband with high bandwidths will provide new, unprecedented customer and service experiences, and create brand new business opportunities for retail, medical and service organisations by taking full advantage of 5G. You can find the full Enterprise Mobile portfolio here.