Enterprise Mobile ​ 

Your basis for mobile working

  • On Switzerland’s best mobile network
  • With value-adding services and options
  • For efficient work and maximum security

With Enterprise Mobile, your employees have access to the tools they need for professional, mobile working.

Rely on secure, efficient solutions from Swisscom and let your employees decide where and when to get their work done and which devices to use. 

Managing your mobile subscriptions has never been easier. And that’s not all. You can also easily manage your entire device fleet online while keeping track of usage and performance. Furthermore, you can add any additionally required services and options in just a few clicks.

Reduce business costs, ensure complete data security at all times and maximise employee productivity.

Your benefits with Enterprise Mobile

Your employees are able to work from anywhere on any device without interruption. Efficient support and immediate troubleshooting are also guaranteed courtesy of Switzerland’s best mobile network.

Mobile devices are fully covered with Device as a Service (DaaS) and provide secure access to your company data with Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). Security policies can be defined individually.

Reduce the administrative burden of mobile and subscription management. Use our services and complete activities such as device and subscription orders, mass mutations, cost control or reporting easily online.

Our Enterprise Mobile products

Take advantage of our integrated, all-in-one solution for mobile working. Explore the different product combinations and put together your own individual package. One-stop solutions.

Connectivity with NATEL® go

The best network in Switzerland offers world-leading speed, reliability, availability and coverage.

Enterprise Mobility Management

Protect company data on all devices, manage
device configurations centrally and back up your data in Switzerland.

Billing and Analytics

Enjoy complete cost transparency courtesy of reporting and conserve resources by optimising usage.

Mobility for Work

Give your employees the freedom to manage their own subscriptions and devices. You’ll cut costs and still have access to efficient advice and great support, when needed.

Mobile Voice Recording

Make confidential calls any time, any place, conclude binding contracts and make digitally encrypted call recordings.

Teams Telephony Mobile

Make location-independent calls from MS Teams in the customary high voice quality directly from the cloud using your mobile phone number.

Device as a Service

Manage and finance your devices, control the lifecycle of your mobile fleet and minimise interruptions of work.

Mobile Aid Business

Help children in need and donate your old mobile phones to us. We’ll sell and recycle them and donate the proceeds to SOS Children’s Villages.

Buyback Business

Give your devices a second life. We buy back your old devices, offering free, certified data erasure.

Push to Talk

Conduct business-critical communication seamlessly at any time over our mobile network, even during crises.

In-house Mobile Services

Ensure optimal mobile coverage even in well insulated buildings thanks to in-house mobile services and 5G.

Professional Voice

A professional COMBOX® message ensures a consistent brand identity and makes you accessible to your customers at any time.

Best quality promise

Work on the best mobile network in Switzerland. Working with leading partners, both within Switzerland and internationally.

Manage your data in a secure environment with access, as needed, to our more than 300 security specialists in Switzerland.

We want to make good things even better. That’s why we are constantly developing the best solutions for our customers.

Your gateway to greater productivity

With Enterprise Mobile, your employees not only work more flexibly, productively and easily, but also more innovatively. Take advantage of mobile working and get ready to dynamically shape the future of your company.

Our experts will be happy to answer your questions. Contact us.