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Mobile Voice Recording

Mobile Voice

Optimal protection and more flexibility thanks to digitised voice recording – anywhere, anytime

With Mobile Recording solutions, you can record your mobile communications. Mobile conversations therefore become more reliable. Unwritten contracts can easily be concluded via mobile phone, making your day-to-day work more flexible and more secure. Not only is your business better protected, the higher level of flexibility enables you to work faster and with added impetus.

Your expert

Karim Abiriga

Senior Solution Consultant Compliance Products

Choose between Mobile Voice Recording and Meta Data Recording for each connection:

Mobile Voice Recording (MVR)

Mobile Voice Recording records all incoming and outgoing mobile phone calls, SMS messages and metadata. The data is stored for you in encrypted form so you can use it later if you need to.

Meta Data Recording (MDR)

Meta Data Recording records all connection information for all calls and SMS messages, as well as the content of SMS messages. Calls are not recorded.

How you benefit


  • Efficiently conduct mobile calls in a legally binding, targeted way and enjoy the security of provability
  • Unwritten contracts can be concluded, even via mobile phone
  • MVR meets all legal requirements in Switzerland, including provisions on the use of mobile telephony services (voice calls, SMS/MMS) in stock trading (FINMA circular 2013/8)


  • Digitisation of call content not only protects the business, it speeds it up thanks to greater flexibility as well as saving time
  • Mobile work opportunities make your employees more productive

Data security

  • As the customer, you are the only one that can access the data
  • Swisscom stores mobile recordings in Switzerland – georedundantly, unchanged and encrypted
  • MVR ensures high availability for recording and makes subsequent agreements digitally available


  • Mobile calls are recorded
  • The Service works on all mobile voice-enabled devices
  • MVR works abroad on all partner networks

Karim Abiriga

Senior Solution Consultant Compliance Products

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