Your secure foundation for mobile working

  • Implement security on your mobile devices easily
  • Manage your devices and applications centrally
  • Increase productivity through digitisation

Secure and productive working: Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

Protect the mobile devices that belong to your company and your employees and manage them centrally. We offer you scalable, flexible options with secure data storage in Switzerland.


Select the right EMM solution for your company.

  • Swiss Cloud: scalable and cost-efficient with maximum flexibility. Data hosting in Swisscom's highly secure, geo-redundant data centres in Switzerland.
  • Private Cloud: individual IT resources from the Swisscom Private Cloud, matched to your requirements.
  • On Premise: this solution gives you complete control of the platform on your own server in your own data centre. Swisscom installs and configures the EMM system in your data centre.


You decide who manages the EMM system configuration in your company.

  • Self-managed: you take responsibility for the policies and configurations of the EMM system and manage these independently.
  • Swisscom-managed: Swisscom manages the EMM system for you, from creating and adapting the EMM policies you want right to individual configuration


Protect your company data and operate efficient risk management.

  • GDPR compliant: our security guidelines fully meet the GDPR guidelines.
  • Protected login: secure access to company applications thanks to user authentication.
  • Threat protection: the EMM recognises threats and implements emergency measures, such as blocking business data.

Your additional options

MobileIron Threat Defense

Zero Sign On

Android Zero Touch

Apple Business Manager

When is Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) the right solution?

Enterprise Mobility Management is aimed at all companies that want to offer employees secure, mobile working options from anywhere with several devices.


The company data on your devices, applications and networks are completely protected, with central management and technical control.

Your benefits

Simple: every device or tablet in your company is managed centrally

Customised: select an option to fit your needs – Swiss Cloud, Private Cloud or On Premise

Secure: free choice of function options gives you optimal protection for your company data.


Enterprise Mobility Management helps you meet customers and employees virtually. Only travel when it is really necessary – this improves your carbon footprint.


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Mobility for Work

Mobility for Work allows your employees to experience the mobile working of the future.


Device as a Service (DaaS)

Professional device management with minimum device downtimes.

Apple Business Manager (ABM)

Simplified device management from a single provider

The ABM (formerly DEP) enables you to quickly and simply deploy your corporate-owned iPhone and iPad devices without the need to configure or prepare them by hand. Thanks to automatic MDM registration with large-scale iOS deployments, you can immediately set up accounts, configure company guidelines and assign apps wirelessly. Through the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) system, the administrator can access additional device configuration and control options. Devices can be put into supervision mode, which facilitates better control of corporate-owned devices.

Swisscom’s service and your benefits:

As an authorised ABM Reseller, Swisscom can supply you with the devices you need. For devices that you purchase from us, ABM deployment and device registration are fully automatic. The ABM is integrated in our existing Workflow Swisscom Extranet.

EMM Enrollment with and without Apple Business Manager (formerly DEP)


Android zero-touch
enrollment (AZT)

Over-the-air device configuration

Zero-touch enrollment enables you to quickly and easily deploy company-managed Android devices without the need to configure or set them up manually. Devices can be used as soon as they are switched on with the settings and apps configured as part of the EMM system.

What Swisscom offers and how you benefit:

As an approved Android zero-touch reseller, Swisscom can supply you with the devices you need. For devices that you purchase from us, AZT deployment and device registration are fully automatic. AZT is integrated in our existing Workflow Swisscom Extranet.

  • «We received a secure and reliable basis for mobile working.»  

    Livit AG, Olivier Korda, Head of Controlling