Mobility for Work

Manage your subscriptions and devices with Mobility for Work

With Mobility for Work, you leave the management of subscriptions and mobile phones to your employees. They select, order and manage their mobile devices and subscriptions themselves in a dedicated portal in accordance with company guidelines. This Mobile Self-Service reduces administrative effort for your fleet management, saves costs and keeps track of subscription usage at all times.

Your benefits

  • Greater employee satisfaction: increase the satisfaction of your employees by allowing them to select their subscriptions and mobile phones themselves and manage them in real time.
  • More efficient workflows: give yourself time to focus on the more important tasks, and leave the employee support for mobile subscriptions and devices to us.
  • 24/7 support: we take care of your employee service around the clock; for example, in the event of device theft or loss.

When is it the right solution?

Mobility for Work is designed for companies looking to optimise their costs and resources, and free up their fleet management: Leave device
and subscription management to your employees while retaining complete control over usage.

Increase the satisfaction of your employees by letting them select and set up subscriptions and devices themselves. Not only does this reduce
administrative effort for you, it also gives your employees attractive fringe benefits and a sense of involvement.

Why Swisscom?

  • Trusted: one dedicated IT contact person for all matters.
  • Customised: configure Mobility for Work according to your needs and combine the solution with other Swisscom services if required.
  • Compliant: Align Mobility for Work with your business processes and policies (e.g. separation of business and private costs)

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«We received a secure and reliable basis for mobile working.»

Olivier Korda, Head of Controlling, Livit AG

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