Professional device management: uninterrupted mobility thanks to minimal device downtime

  • We can’t imagine working life without smartphones and tablets now. Yet device management still presents companies with administrative challenges.
  • When a device is lost, damaged or defective, minimum downtime is particularly important.
  • Simplify the management of mobile devices in your company and control the entire life cycle, including the financing plan – with a single point of contact.


Discover the options available with Device as a Service (DaaS)

Life cycle

Simple fleet management over the entire life cycle.

  • Manage your devices from purchase to warranty and repair. We handle everything with the repair centres.
  • You can see and manage all your devices with My Swisscom Business.
  • Automatic enrolment of Apple & Android devices.
    Quick and easy commissioning of company-owned Apple (in ABM) or Android devices (in AZT) without any manual configuration or preparation, including setup and support.


Avoid high one-off costs with a device financing plan.

  • Order the devices you want with My Swisscom Business
  • Finance your devices through leasing, instalment payments or a one-off purchase.

    Use Swisscom devices for as long as you need them, without owning them. You pay a fixed monthly amount with the option to return or exchange the device at any time.

    Payment by instalments:
    Pay for equipment in monthly instalments to avoid high one-off investment costs. You choose a payment term of between 12, 24 and 36 months.
  • Minimum 24-month guarantee on all devices that you purchase from Swisscom.

Device replacement

Replacement of defective devices within 24 hours.

  • We take over the shipping of new and defective devices for you – simply and conveniently using a returns package.
  • Saving you resources, simplifying administrative work and relieving the pressure on your fleet management team.

Mobility for Work

Offer your employees the option of managing their own devices.

  • They request their own device repair and replacements.
  • They purchase equipment and terminate financing (leasing and instalment payments).

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When is Device as a Service (DaaS) the right solution?

If you want to ensure device management in your company efficiently and with minimal administrative effort, reduce device downtime to a minimum and increase productivity.


Device as a Service is aimed at all companies that want to enable their employees to work in a mobile, modern way.

Your benefits

Return or replace the device at any time.

Competitive monthly device prices thanks to Swisscom purchasing conditions - OPEX instead of CAPEX spending.

On request, including free 24-hour replacement in the event of defects - even in the case of non-guarantee claims.


With Lifecycle Management, you extend the life of your business mobile phone and save resources.


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