Professional device management with minimum device downtimes.

A business world without mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets is now unimaginable. Managing the inventory of mobile devices presents fleet managers and employees with administrative challenges. If a device is lost, damaged or defective, it is important to keep the downtime as short as possible.

Device as a Service (DaaS) simplifies the processes for managing the mobile devices at your company. You manage the entire life cycle from the procurement via leasing, installment or one-time payment to the advanced guarantee and repair management. Your employees benefit from seamless mobility and minimum downtimes.

Your expert

Roger Dettling

Head of Specialised Sales Mobile Services

Seamless mobility and minimum downtimes.

Easy fleet management over the entire life cycle

Manage your devices, from procurement to guarantee and repair management.

financing plan

Lease or pay off equipment in installments instead of buying it to minimize investment.


We’ll replace a defective device for you within 24 hours.


you keep your infrastructure

Integrate this product into your existing systems.

you can rely on our service

We accept your requests around the clock.

you get one-stop solutions

You have a single contact person for your communications infrastructure.

Basic services

Device Inventory

In the Swisscom Business Center you can view and manage all of your devices.

Ordering and delivery

Order the devices that you want in the Swisscom Business Center.

Device financing plan

Lease, buy or pay for the required devices in instalments.

Extended warranty

At least 24 months warranty on all devices that you purchase from Swisscom.

Apple Business Manager (ABM) & Android ZT

We activate automated enrolment of Apple devices in Apple Business Manager & Android devices in ZT.

Repair service

We handle everything for you at our various repair service centres.

24-hour device replacement (optional)

Fast replacement

We’ll replace your faulty devices within 24 hours for a flat, device-dependent fee.

Fixed fee

We’ll replace your faulty devices within 24 hours for an CHF 89 excess fee per device.

Fixes volume

Each year, we’ll replace 20% of your devices within 24 hours free of charge.

Swisscom partner integration (optional)

End-of-Life Management

We take the devices back from you if you want.


If you want a special competition step to be required before the device is delivered, we are happy to take care of this for you.

End-of-Sale Management

If a device is removed from a manufacturer's portfolio we can still deliver it for you.


If you want accessories for your mobile device we can always include these when delivering the ordered device.

Customer-specific devices

If you want a device that is not included in the Swisscom portfolio, we can still it provide for you.

*Optional by partner

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