Device as a Service

Professional device management with minimum device downtimes.

A business world without mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets is now unimaginable. Managing the inventory of mobile devices presents fleet managers and employees with administrative challenges. If a device is lost, damaged or defective, it is important to keep the downtime as short as possible.

Device as a Service (DaaS) simplifies the processes for managing the mobile devices at your company. You manage the entire life cycle from the procurement via rent or buy options to the advanced guarantee and repair management. Your employees benefit from seamless mobility and minimum downtimes.

Your expert

Roger Dettling

Head of Specialised Sales Mobile Services

Seamless mobility and minimum downtimes.

Easy fleet management over the entire life cycle

Manage your devices, from procurement to guarantee and repair management.

Rent and
buy options

Reduce your investments by renting your devices instead of buying them.


We’ll replace a defective device for you within 24 hours.


you keep your infrastructure

Integrate this product into your existing systems.

you can rely on our service

We accept your requests around the clock.

you get one-stop solutions

You have a single contact person for your communications infrastructure.


Device as a Service is professional device management with minimum device downtimes.
We offer you standard and optional services.

Standard services





Device inventory In the Swisscom Business Center you can view and manage
all of your devices
Device portfolio Create your device portfolio from a range of types
Ordering and delivery Order the devices that you want in the Swisscom Business Center
Device rental Avoid having to make any investments by renting the
devices from Swisscom
24-month guarantee 24-month guarantee on all devices that you get from Swisscom
(for Apple without DaaS only 12 months)
Apple DEP set-up and support We activate the automated enrolment of Apple devices
in Apple DEP and provide support if there are any difficulties
Fleet manager support You can reach us by phone at all times and ask us whatever
you need to know
Repair service In the device inventory you can initiate a repair, after which
we will take care of everything
Replacement service If a device is damaged, we will replace it for you within
max. 24 hours
Replacement free of charge We replace 20 % of the devices per year free of charge,
even if you cause the damage yourself

Optional services





Buying devices You can also buy the devices instead of renting them
End-of-life management We take the devices back from you if you want
End-of-sale management When a device is removed from a manufacturer’s portfolio we
can still deliver it for you
Customer service manager If you would like support for this service, we can provide it for you
MDS enduser support If you want your employees to report their problems directly to us,
you can use the MDS end user support
Customer-specific devices If you want a device that is not included in the Swisscom portfolio,
we can still provide it for you
Accessories If you want accessories for your mobile device we can always include
these when delivering the ordered device
Staging If you want a special completion step to be required before the
device is delivered, we are happy to take care of this for you
Further customer-specific options There are many further options available to you with 
Device as a Service


  Not available

  Option available (no additional charge)

  Option available (additional charge)

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