Professional Voice – telephone messages for businesses

Professional COMBOX® messages for mobile business lines

Use every customer contact, including your answering machine messages, as an opportunity to showcase your brand identity and professionalism. Leave nothing to chance with consistent Combox® messages for your business. Always leave a good impression, even if you are not currently available, and direct your customers to the solution they are looking for.

Telephone messages for businesses

Your employees can manage their out-of-office messages and cover information 24/7 in the Professional Voice web service or app, putting your customers front and centre, because they know at all times whether the employee they want to speak to is currently available and who can assist in their absence. Professional Voice not only makes life easier for your employees, but it can also ensure your customers get the answers they seek with outstanding customer service.

Your benefits

  • Ensure that your customers and prospects can always contact you in case of need and direct them to the appropriate person
  • Set up professional telephone answer messages quickly and easily
  • Customise your message with different voices, background music and languages

When is it the right solution?

Avoid creating a negative impression by being unavailable to customers and prospects. With consistent Combox® messages, your employees can always be contacted in case of need and the caller knows who can answer their enquiry. This shows your respect for your customers while emphasising your professionalism and solution orientation.

Why Swisscom?

  • Unique – we are the leading provider of professional telephone messages in Switzerland
  • Professional – your customers hear consistent telephone messages recorded by professional voiceover artists in quality Swisscom sound
  • Integrated – order Professional Voice direct from our customer portal

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Professional Voice features

Professional and customised Combox® messages

Configure your personal answering machine. Choose between a female and a male voice in four languages (German, French, Italian or English). Choose from the various background music options, if desired. Set up is free, but a monthly usage fee applies per user.

Check out our sample out-of-office audio messages now.

Audio sample German

  • Female voice
  • Relaxing Summerday music

Audio sample French

  • Female voice
  • Chilling Jazz music

Audio sample Italian

  • Male voice
  • Modern Lounge music

Audio sample English

  • Male voice
  • Smooth Meditation music

Setup and control

Easy activation via web service or app

As soon as the professional, individual telephone message has been produced for the mobile device, your employees will receive an invitation e-mail to register on the Professional Voice Portal, either via the web service or the app, where they can configure and activate or deactivate their out-of-office and cover information message.

In the portal, your employees can also switch back and forth between the two messages, allowing them to decide when Professional Voice is active. In addition, you can still record two individual greetings on your COMBOX® pro independently of Professional Voice, for example for personal purposes.

The basis of Professional Voice

COMBOX® pro as the underlying product

You will need COMBOX® pro to use Professional Voice. This is already included as standard with all NATEL® go subscriptions.

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