Your answering machine with additional functions.

100 x 3 minutes

Storage capacity

Fax service

Receive, print and forward faxes


Forward messages by email


Manage COMBOX® simply online

CHF5.–/month Order
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A NATEL® subscription is required (without NATEL® easy offers).

Free with all NATEL® business infinity plus subscriptions.


COMBOX® message retrieval


Dial:   +41 79 499 79 79


Manage your COMBOX® in the Customer Centre

Customer Centre


All this is included

Storage capacity 100 messages of three minutes. Messages can be stored permanently; messages are automatically deleted one day after you listen to them and new messages after 30 days
SMS notification To 3 phone numbers about calls received by the COMBOX®
Personal greeting – domestic 2 With or without your phone number announcement
Personal greeting – abroad 1 With or without message storage
Personal absence notifications Callers cannot leave messages.
Online administration In the Customer Centre
Message forwarding To 3 email addresses Voice messages and faxes to up to three email addresses
Fax service Received faxes can be forwarded to a fax machine or sent on to an email address in PDF format
Date and time announcement can be switched off

All prices in CHF including VAT

For usage, the connection prices of your subscription apply.

Important information for iPhone users

Visual Voicemail and COMBOX® pro are not combinable.