COMBOX® for SMEs: your mobile and fixed network answering machine

With COMBOX® basic and COMBOX® pro, your mobile and fixed-line telephone can always receive calls. Your answering machine receives all calls that you cannot answer in person and records messages left by callers. You do not require an additional device.

Use your COMBOX® from any fixed-network or mobile phone worldwide; listen to messages and return calls at the touch of a button. You can manage your COMBOX® settings easily in My Swisscom Business.

COMBOX® basic

  • Store 20 calls, each lasting up to 3 minutes.
  • SMS notification on 1 telephone number
  • One personal greeting for domestic calls
  • Manage Settings in My Swisscom Business
  • Visual Voicemail (VVM) 
  • Message Waiting Indicator (fixed network only)

Price per month

Free with all residential customer subscriptions

Free with all SME subscriptions


  • Store 100 calls, each lasting up to 3 minutes
  • SMS notification on 3 telephone numbers
  • Two personal greetings for domestic calls, one for international calls
  • Personal absence notification
  • Manage everyting in My Swisscom Business
  • Forward messages to 3 e-mail addresses
  • Visual Voicemail (VVM) 
  • Message Waiting Indicator (fixed network only)

Price per month

Free with Enterprise Mobile, inOne SME office, Smart Business Connect and other subscriptions

Visual Voicemail

With Visual Voicemail (VVM), your COMBOX® missed calls messages are displayed directly on your smartphone. You can listen to them there and then, without calling the COMBOX® number.

VVM is supported for iPhones and Android devices from Android M onwards. Ensure that the most recent update is installed on your smartphone.

The function is activated as standard on Android devices. The function needs to be activated before the first use on iPhones.

Activating VVM on iPhones:

    1. In device settings, switch on mobile data.
    2. Text ‘STATUS VVM’ to 444.
    3. You will receive an order confirmation by SMS.
    4. You will receive a further SMS if VVM has been successfully activated.
    5. Switch the device off and back on again after a few seconds.
    6. Go to ‘Telephone and Voicemail’ to finish setting up VVM on your device.

Note: VVM requires mobile data. Charges may be incurred if data roaming is activated.

Frequently Asked Questions

COMBOX® pro is included in all SME mobile subscriptions. These include Enterprise Mobile, inOne SME mobile, Swiss SME mobile, NATEL® company, NATEL® business infinity and all older mobile subscriptions. It is also included with inOne SME office, inOne SME office light, Swisscom Line basic and Swisscom Line plus. COMBOX® basic is included in all other fixed network subscriptions and in all mobile subscriptions for residential customers.

From a mobile phone: dial +41 79 499 79 79.

From a fixed line: dial 086 and your telephone number. (The COMBOX® needs to have been activated beforehand in the Customer Center.) 

   Return call at the touch of a button

    Store message permanently

    Delete message

    Repeat message

    Next message

    Announce time

    Announce telephone number


    Announce all button functions

Storage space

Messages can be stored permanently, messages you have listened to are automatically deleted after one day, new messages are deleted after 30 days.

SMS notifications

An SMS is sent when the COMBOX® receives an incoming call.  

Personal greeting for domestic calls 

The COMBOX® greeting for domestic calls can be set with or without a phone number message.

Personal greeting for international calls

The COMBOX® greeting for international calls can be set with or without the option to leave a message.

Message forwarding

Voice messages can be forwarded to up to three e-mail addresses.

Message Waiting Indicator (fixed network only)

Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) is a function supported by fixed-line devices, which notifies you of new COMBOX® messages on your fixed-line device. A flashing light and/or symbol (envelope symbol, cassette symbol, '1 message’ or similar) indicates the new message on the display. MWI replaces the previous notification system, where COMBOX® called you when a new message was received. The previous notification system remains active for Smart Business Connect and Managed Business Communication customers.  

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