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Setting up COMBOX® and listening to messages

There are various ways to activate and manage your COMBOX®. COMBOX® Pro offers you even more options for recording and accessing your calls.

Switching on and changing settings

In the Swisscom Customer Center

Besides switching COMBOX® on and off you can also customise it in the Customer Center as follows:


  • Manage your COMBOX® messages
  • Change your COMBOX® PIN
  • Manage direct access (accessing COMBOX without entering your PIN)
  • Set your COMBOX® menu language
  • Set the menu options you are offered when you call your COMBOX®

Access via your Customer Center

Once you activate Customer Center access to your COMBOX®, everyone who knows your Swisscom Customer Center Login can also access your COMBOX® settings or listen to messages on your COMBOX® pro in the Customer Center.


If you don’t want this, activate Customer Center access to your COMBOX® with a Swisscom Login known only to you. You can create a new Swisscom Login at any time; use it to log into the Customer Center and activate your COMBOX® access there.

Via the keypad

Switching on your COMBOX®

Switching off your COMBOX®

Adjust settings

You can activate/deactivate your COMBOX® with your mobile phone using the following options:

In the Swisscom Cockpit

You can activate and manage your COMBOX® in the Cockpit.



Video: How to activate your COMBOX® in the Swisscom Cockpit

In the Swisscom Customer Center

Besides (de)activating your COMBOX® you can customise messages, select the language and change your PIN in the Customer Center.

Via device settings

Read how to activate your COMBOX® step by step in the device manuals. If your device is not listed, try using the manual for an earlier or later model.

Via the keypad

Activate the COMBOX®

Switching off your COMBOX®

Adjust settings

How to listen to your COMBOX® messages

You can use the following options to listen to your fixed network COMBOX®:

From your fixed network:
Enter 086 and your phone number and code e.g. 086 044 123 45 67. Your messages will be played back automatically.
From any phone:
Enter 086 and your phone number and code e.g. 086 044 123 45 67. Press the * key during the greeting. Enter your PIN and #. Your messages will be played back.
From abroad:
Enter +41 840 266 269 and follow the instructions. Your COMBOX® will report the number of new messages and then play them back one by one.


You need a PIN code to listen to your COMBOX® from any phone or when you are abroad. You can choose your own PIN code and change it at any time. The PIN code prevents unauthorised persons from listening to your messages. If you forget your COMBOX® PIN, call your COMBOX® and change your password in the settings.

Security recommendation for your PIN

  • Your COMBOX® PIN should consist of at least six randomly selected numbers. Avoid recognisable patterns (e.g. 1111, 1234) and publicly available information that would be easy to guess (e.g. birthday, post code).
  • Do not confide your PIN to anyone. In particular do not answer any e-mails or telephone calls asking for personal details like your PIN, passwords, credit card numbers etc. Swisscom will never request your PIN per e-mail, telephone, letter etc.
  • Store your PIN in a safe place separately from your phone.
  • Change your PIN regularly in the Customer Center.



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