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1) Handy-Gerätevergünstigung in Kombination mit einem inOne oder Swiss mobile Abo, z.B. inOne mobile go (80.–/Mt.), premium (200.–/Mt.), basic (45.–/Mt.), flat (65.–/Mt.), light (25.–/Mt.); Mindestvertragsdauer 24 Monate; beim Online-Aboabschluss wird die Aufschaltgebühr geschenkt, auf allen anderen Kanälen beträgt die Aufschaltgebühr 40.–.

Available at all times with the smartwatch

Would you like to leave your mobile at home every now and again, but still be contactable? All you need is a smartwatch from Apple or Samsung and a Multi Device option.

Smartwatch for your child

With the Movetime Family Watch, you can stay in touch with your child at all times. Thanks to the integrated camera, you can see right away where your child is going, while your kids can send you photos, voice messages and emojis – either to individuals or in group chats.

Multi Device a prerequisite

With the Multi Device option and your inOne mobile subscription, you can use up to 10 additional devices with a SIM card or eSIM at the same time. That includes your smartwatch. This means you can still be contacted on your usual telephone number any time.