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Smart-home products & accessories

There are a variety of smart-home systems on the market, offering different functions and compatibilities. You can find well-known systems including the Apple Home Pod, Philips Hue Bridge and Sonos Smart Speaker in our Online Shop. Each system has its own pros and cons, so it is important to consider your own individual requirements and preferences before you choose.

Swisscom offers a wide range of smart-home products, including security systems, sensors, wireless cameras, smart sockets, lighting and much more. Browse through our product options now.

Setting up a smart-home can be easier than you think and depends on your personal preferences. To equip your home with the right smart devices, you need to consider the following steps:

Planning: Think about what areas you want to automate, such as entertainment, energy, lighting, WiFi, security etc.

Device selection: Select the right smart-home devices to suit your needs.

Compatibility: Make sure that the devices you select and the Smart-Home system are compatible with each other.

Installation: Follow the manufacturer's instructions for installing and connecting your smart devices.

Automation: Set up the desired automations, such as automatic lighting or remote switching of sockets.

This allows you to set up your smart home and benefit from networked, intelligent technology

Our Swisscom Community can provide you with detailed information on the topic of Smart-Home. As well as answers to the most important questions about our intelligent devices, you can also find helpful tips on making life easier with a smart home, WiFi Switch, smart family life, smart homes for hot summer days  and much more.

Cameras and sensors for greater security

Alarm systems by Gigaset, sensors and wireless cameras: discover the smart devices for protecting your home. With the handy overview of all your cameras in the device manufacturer's app, you can keep an eye on your home at all times. When you get home, the app’s location detection will turn off your alarm system automatically.

Save energy and control devices centrally

Connect your household appliances to a Swisscom Smart Switch and plug this into a power outlet. With the adapter, it’s easy to control your smart lamp, coffee machine or other power guzzlers through the myStrom app. Use rules to switch off devices automatically; for example, when you leave the house.

A connected home for added convenience

Speakers, light bulbs or robot vacuum cleaners: Control your smart devices directly from the sofa using the device manufacturer’s app. The smart assistants for your household make your life that bit easier, safer and more comfortable.