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Mobile and smartwatch subscriptions for children & young people

With blue Kids, your children can be contacted on their mobile phone or smartwatch any time, anywhere. You benefit from unique protection and security features. On the best 5G network. With the best service.
And sustainability. Compare now.

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The benefits of blue Kids Mobile 

After our prepaid products, our subscriptions for children and young people make the ideal starter subscriptions for families. With an affordable basic price, they are even cheaper when combined with Swisscom Internet. With a subscription, unlike prepaid, you have costs under control and your loved ones can be contacted at all times. And, thanks to roaming credit, this also applies to holidays abroad.

Swisscom Campus(opens in new tab) gives you access to a huge range of information, tips, instructions and resources to promote the safe and responsible use of digital media by children, young people and families.

With blue Kids Mobile, premium-rate lines and SMS services are deactivated as standard. The automatic call filter blocks unsolicited calls. Internet Guard blocks access to dangerous websites. In addition, with blue Internet Security, Swisscom provides the My Security(opens in new tab) app with extensive family protection features.

Swisscom has received multiple awards as the most sustainable telecommunications company in the world. All our subscriptions, devices and network are climate neutral(opens in new tab). We have been using 100% renewable energy since 2010, and our ethical principles inform everything we do. 

Our mobile and 5G network has won more awards than any other Swiss network. As the test winner, we offer the best coverage, maximum speed and the best connection quality. That’s why blue Mobile is Switzerland’s number 1. 

Enjoy the best customer service with Swisscom. Whether you’re on the hotline, visiting one of over 100 Swisscom Shops or using our outstanding service app, My Swisscom(opens in new tab), you can check charges, adjust options, block SIM cards and much more besides. 

Your child’s first smartphone

When’s the right time for their first smartphone? What should parents think about? We have a vast array of tips and tricks for you.

The best devices for your child

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Frequently asked questions

Swisscom offers two blue Kids Mobile subscriptions for children and young people under 16: blue Kids Mobile for smartphones and blue Kids Watch for smartwatches. The subscriptions are climate neutral and include lots of free extras.

  • These days, many children between the ages of 7 and 10 start their digital journey with a smartwatch.  
  • From the age of around 11, they move from a smartwatch to a mobile phone or are given a mobile phone to use alongside their smartwatch.
blue Kids Mobile blue kids Watch
Surfing, calls, SMS:
  • Unlimited in Switzerland
  • 300 MB data, 30 min. calls
    and 30 SMS per month worldwide
Surfing, calls, SMS:
  • Unlimited in Switzerland
  • 300 MB data, 30 min. calls
    and 30 SMS per month worldwide
Surfingspeed Surfingspeed
5G included 5G included
Climate neutral Climate neutral
Chargeable services blocked Chargeable services blocked
Internet Guard surfing protection Internet Guard surfing protection
Callfilter call blocker Callfilter call blocker
Swisscom Campus educational programmes Swisscom Campus educational programmes
10 GB myCloud storage 10 GB myCloud storage
1 GB e-mail account 1 GB e-mail account
14.90/mth. when combined with Swisscom Internet
9.90/mth. when combined with Swisscom Internet

Swisscom’s blue Kids Mobile subscriptions are among the most popular and widely used in Switzerland. They are optimally designed to meet the needs of children and parents. They permit control of costs, are climate neutral and use the best and largest mobile and 5G network in Switzerland. This makes maximum speeds possible at most locations throughout Switzerland. All subscriptions offer numerous other free extras, maximum security and excellent service. 

The benefits of blue Kids Mobile 

  • With unlimited calls and data within Switzerland, the child is able to contact their parents at any time without needing to worry about running out of credit or data.  
  • They can also share their location at any time.  
  • The subscription also comes with 5 GB of data for faster surfing; for streaming videos on long car journeys, for example.  
  • Also included with the subscription is a monthly allowance for use abroad. This means that you can also communicate with your child when on holiday via WhatsApp and see where they are. 
  • Multi Device: an additional SIM for one other device, such as a smartwatch, costs just 5.–/month. 

The benefits of blue Kids Watch 

  • With the blue Kids Watch smartwatch subscription, your child can make unlimited calls with their watch. 
  • With the included data, children can also chat and use basic apps.  
  • With this option too, the child can always be contacted when abroad. 

Attractive discounts on mobile phone and smartphone deals(opens in new tab) When you take out a new subscription, you can enjoy attractive discounts on smartphones for children from Apple, Samsung, Oppo, Nokia and other brands. We also offer reconditioned second-hand devices(opens in new tab)

With Swisscom’s mobile subscriptions for children and young people, you benefit from parental control functions and many other free additional services. 

Value-added services are blocked 

With Swisscom’s children’s subscriptions, the use of chargeable services is deactivated as standard. There must be an explicit activation request. 

Parental control app 

Swisscom’s My Security app allows you to control screen time, the content filter and much more besides. It is available with the blue Security & Service option and protects you and your loved ones from viruses and hackers. 

Swisscom Campus educational programmes 

Swisscom Campus(opens in new tab) gives you access to a huge range of information, tips, instructions and resources to promote and safe and responsible use of digital media by children and young people. 

Internet Guard surfing protection 

Free protection from dangerous websites without the need to install additional software on the device. Each day, Swisscom Internet Guard automatically blocks around 250,000 malware attacks on websites.

Callfilter call blocker 

Free protection from unsolicited calls. You can block marketing calls as well as anonymous calls and adjust the settings easily in the My Swisscom app. 

myCloud online storage 

Enjoy 10 GB of free storage for photos and videos on Swisscom myCloud(opens in new tab).

Free e-mail 

Get a free Bluewin e-mail account(opens in new tab) with 1 GB of storage.

My Swisscom service app 

With My Swisscom(opens in new tab), you can check charges and bills, adjust your subscription settings, add or remove options flexibly or request support at any time.

Swisscom Cockpit

The Swisscom Cockpit(opens in new tab)  provides an overview of the services included in the subscription and your current charges. You can connect and manage additional devices with your subscription and purchase packages and options.

The surfing speeds and data volumes included in the blue Kids Mobile subscriptions are more than adequate for normal usage. Children and young people generally use their smartwatches and smartphones on WLAN. Daily screen time should be controlled on an individual basis and should not exceed several hours per day over a longer period. 

With 5 GB of mobile data, your child can:

  • Watch around 10 hours of YouTube videos in very high quality (720px). With apps such as the blue TV app, you can download series and films via WLAN and watch offline to save data. 
  • Spend approx. 30 hours on Instagram. 
  • Spend approx. 16 hours on TikTok. 
  • Make approx. 15 hours of WhatsApp video calls. 
  • Listen to approx. 100 hours of music (on Spotify for example). Downloading the music onto your device via WLAN is even better. 
  • By comparison, apps such as the SBB app, calendar or weather apps use very little data. 

The blue Kids Mobile and blue Kids Watch subscriptions include the Roaming Safety Pack for use abroad. This has inclusive worldwide allowances.

Worldwide roaming per month:

  • 30 minutes of calls
  • 30 SMS
  • 300 MB data

This means that your child is contactable by phone in an emergency even when abroad. Please note, however, that your child should avoid video streaming, gaming and video calls so as not to use up the included data volume too soon.

If you use up the included allowance,
additional data packages can be purchased in the Swisscom Cockpit.

Go to Swisscom Cockpit(opens in new tab)

Go to roaming packages(opens in new tab)

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