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Swisscom Cockpit

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With Swisscom Cockpit, you can check your subscription details, control costs and much more besides.

What is the Swisscom Cockpit?

In the Swisscom Cockpit, you can check the available data allowance for your subscription and easily add data packages if you will be using the Internet while travelling, giving you full control over your costs.

In the Cockpit, you can also set up call deflection or activate the Callfilter to block unsolicited cold calls.

Access the Cockpit from your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac: The connection is free, and you will not incur any costs in Switzerland or abroad.


> go to the Swisscom Cockpit


The Swisscom Cockpit has 3 areas:

Abo Info

  • In this area, you will see a summary of your data allowance and tariffs.
  • You will be sent an SMS notification when you have used up your data allowance.
  • If you have used up your allowance, you can choose to buy additional data packages.


  • You can see all the devices connected via Multi Device.
  • To help distinguish between them, you can give your devices different names.
  • Activate/deactivate functions such as telephony for your smartwatch.

Cost check

  • Keep your data costs under control.
  • Set a limit for data costs. When you reach your limit, you will be notified by SMS, and mobile surfing will be deactivated automatically.

Base rates

Click the menu (the three lines in the top right) to view the basic tariff of the country you are staying in and activate the basic tariff individually per zone. Data traffic will then be billed exclusively using the selected tariff model – provided that no data package is active and there is no available data allowance.


If required, you can also activate attractive data packages for the required country.

Call settings


The call filter function automatically blocks unsolicited inbound calls based on a global, continuously updated list, sparing you the hassle of unwelcome cold calls. In the Swisscom Cockpit, you can activate the Callfilter and view the list of blocked numbers.


> Go to Callfilter

Incoming call forward

With the Swisscom Cockpit, you can also divert inbound calls quickly and easily to the COMBOX® or another telephone number.


> Go to call settings



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