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Swisscom Cockpit

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The Swisscom Cockpit keeps you up to date on your costs when you are abroad. You can also use it to forward calls and purchase data packages.

Functions & login

With the Swisscom Cockpit, you can stay on top of your current charges when abroad. You can also manage devices that are linked to your subscription and buy data packages.


You can access the Cockpit directly from your smartphone without a login. If you are connected to the WLAN, or using a laptop, you will be asked to log in with your mobile number.

Connecting to the Swisscom Cockpit is free and will not incur any costs in Switzerland or abroad.

Cockpit for subscribers

When you visit the Cockpit with a Swisscom subscription mobile, you will see the following areas:

Abo Info

In this area, you will see everything that is included with your subscription (available data while travelling for example) and price information.

Help - Cockpit - Abo info


This area is only relevant for customers using the Multi Device option. This is where you will see any smartphones, tablets and watches that you have linked to your subscription.

> More information about Multi Device

Help - Cockpit - Devices

Cost check

Set a limit for current data roaming charges. When you reach your limit, you will be notified by SMS, and mobile surfing will be deactivated automatically – so you always keep your costs under control.

Help - Cockpit - Cost check

Cockpit for prepaid customers

When you visit the Cockpit with a prepaid mobile, you will see the following areas:


As a prepaid customer, you can check your current credit and top up easily.


> Go to other top-up options

Help - Cockpit - Credit


In this area, you can buy additional packages for data, call minutes or SMS/MMS.


Without a data package, a daily basic surfing tariff of CHF 2.– applies as standard for prepaid mobiles. You can, however, deactivate this basic tariff in the menu should you wish (the three lines in the top right). Chargeable surfing will not then be possible, and you will only be able to go online when connected to a WLAN.

Help - Cockpit - Packages

Call settings


The call filter function automatically blocks incoming calls based on a global, continuously updated list, sparing you the hassle of unsolicited cold calls.

Help - Cockpit - Callfilter

Call forwarding

In the Cockpit, you can also forward your incoming calls quickly and easily.

Help - Cockpit - Call forwarding



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