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Swisscom Login

On this page:
Your access to My Swisscom (Customer center) and Webmail. Change your user name and password or login with your mobile number (NATEL® login).



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Log into My Swisscom and Webmail

Your Swisscom Login enables you to access your Swisscom services and products. You can use the user name and password you have chosen to access My Swisscom and your Bluewin Webmail.

Change user name/password

You can change your user name and password on My Swisscom at any time. If you change your Login, you will receive an SMS or an e-mail with a code that allows you to reset your current password. Please note that this code is only valid for 24 hours.

If you try to reset the password later than 24 hours after you requested the code, you will receive the message “password invalid”. You will then have to resume the process from the beginning.

Want to change the mobile number or e-mail address that you use to reset your password and user name? Click the link. Underneath “Forgotten your Swisscom Login?”, click the blue button “Amend information”.

If you are a business customer wanting to change your details, please go to My Swisscom, select ‘Passwords & Logins’, then ‘Change reminder channel’.

Log in with mobile number

The first time you log in using your NATEL® Login, you will need to link your mobile number with your existing Swisscom Login. You will only have to do this once. You will then be able to access My Swisscom and view your details using your phone number and password.

  • Log into My Swisscom with your user name and password.
  • Under “My Profile”, go to “Details & settings”.
  • Click “Manage settings” under “Login & password”.
  • Go to “Register NATEL® Login” and follow the instructions.

Note: Two-factor authentication will be used when you register. This means that you are required to enter an additional code that will be sent to your mobile phone as well as your password. This enhances the protection given to your information on My Swisscom.


Residential customers

Depending on whether you log in via the website or the app/e-mail program, you use another password to access your Bluewin e-mails.

  • Website: If you want to call up your Bluewin e-mail using Webmail, you need to log in with the password for your Swisscom Login.
  • Mobile phone/app or e-mail program: If you want to retrieve your Bluewin e-mails via your mobile phone or call up another e-mail program, save your Bluewin password in the mail settings.

Several Logins for several Swisscom services

If you use several Swisscom services, you often have several Logins. You can therefore see your Swisscom products like your mobile phone, fixed network, Internet etc. via the first Login. The second Login is created with your Bluewin e-mail address and you may have created a third when you set up Docsafe. So you only see the “right” products for each Login. Contact us if you would like to consolidate your Swisscom services in one Login.

Several Logins as a result of a multi-person household

If you live in a multi-person household you probably have several Logins. You therefore only see certain services on a particular login, such as your mobile phone subscription. If you want to check the Internet subscription for your household, you need to use the contract subscriber’s Login

Contact details and other sensitive information have to be specially protected. When you access this information for the first time, you will be asked to order an activation code (unique identification). This will be sent by post to your address. Once you have received this code (after approx. 3 days), you will need to log into My Swisscom again. (If you are still logged in, please log out and log back in again.) You can then enter the activation code and access the necessary information.

Business customers

Use your Company Login to assign authorisations for your Swisscom data and documents. This enables you to specify which employees have rights or can view information. The Overview gives you a summary of all the options.

Your mobile phone contract is paid by your company. You may be authorised to see your mobile phone data. As the person in your company responsible for mobile phone contracts or your managing director.

It could also be because you have a Swisscom Login for each business location. A separate Login is also created for each DSL connection. If you don’t find the information you want using your access details, ask the person responsible for mobile phone contracts or your managing director.

Swisscom recommends that the person responsible for all the mobile phone contracts in your company creates the new employee Login by logging into My Swisscom with the Administrator Login. The Login can be created under "My company" > "Employees" > "Add employees". The user name and authorisations for employees are also defined there.



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