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The Swisscom Login is the key to accessing your data and services (e.g. My Swisscom, Webmail, blue TV). Find out how to use and manage the Login. 



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Log into My Swisscom

Log into My Swisscom with your Swisscom Login to access your Swisscom bills, passwords and data. Use your chosen login method.

Login methods

There are different methods for using your Swisscom Login. 

User name and password

The user name is your e-mail address or a user name of your choice. You also set your own password. 
Go to tips for a secure password. 

Mobile number and SMS code

Your mobile number automatically works as your login method for Swisscom mobile subscriptions. The mobile number is recognised as the user name and you then receive an SMS code which you enter as the password each time you want to log in.

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) provides extra protection in addition to your user name and password. Store your mobile number so that you receive an SMS code to enter after you log in, or confirm access using Mobile ID. 

Security tips

Swisscom recommends two-factor authentication (2FA). This gives the highest level of security to your Swisscom services and products.

Activate two-factor authentication(opens in new tab)

Forgotten login data/change login data

If you have forgotten your access data, use one of the following links for recovery:

If you only do not know the password, enter the username and click on "Forgotten password?" in the next step.

You will receive a code via SMS or e-mail to reset your data. This code is only valid for a few minutes. If you try to reset your password after this time has passed, you will receive a «Password invalid» message and will have to restart the process.

Manage your login data

In addition to your user name and password, you can also manage the following login data yourself in My Swisscom:

Password security check

Check if your Swisscom Login password is safe or whether it can be found on published password lists.

You can now check this easily for your Swisscom Login by running the security check(opens in new tab) in My Swisscom. We do this by running a check against data that we obtain from "Have I Been Pwned". For the security check, Swisscom does not send any data to "Have I Been Pwned", it only compares the data locally.

If your password has been compromised, the following notice will appear:

"The password you have chosen is no longer secure. It appears on published password lists such as ''. Therefore, you should change your password as soon as possible."

What is "Have I Been Pwned"?

You can use the "Have I Been Pwned" service to find out if and which of your credentials are compromised. Time and again, hackers crack into companies' databases and steal users' access data. Often, users do not know how to find out if their account has also been affected by the attack. "Have I Been Pwned"(opens in new tab) knows the answer to this question.

How does "Have I Been Pwned" work?

If companies have been hacked and publicly disclose what information was stolen, "Have I Been Pwned" collects it and adds it to its database.
Users can then use the tool to see whether their own credentials have been hacked by entering their e-mail address or password to run a check against the database.

How does Swisscom use "Have I Been Pwned"?

We obtain the information for our security check using passwords found in these lists, which are then matched with the passwords of our customers and their Swisscom login accounts. For the security check, Swisscom does not send any data to "Have I Been Pwned", it only compares the data locally.
The security check is used when checking the security level and when defining passwords.


Residential customers

Contact details and other sensitive information have to be specially protected. When you access this information for the first time, you will be asked to order an activation code (unique identification). This will be sent by post to your address. Once you have received this code (after approx. 3 days), you will need to log into My Swisscom again. (If you are still logged in, please log out and log back in again.) You can then enter the activation code and access the necessary information.

Depending on whether you log in via the website or the app/e-mail program, you use another password to access your Bluewin e-mails.

  • Website: If you want to call up your Bluewin e-mail using Webmail, you need to log in with the password for your Swisscom Login.
  • Mobile phone/app or e-mail program: If you want to retrieve your Bluewin e-mails via your mobile phone or call up another e-mail program, save your Bluewin password in the mail settings.

Multiple logins
You may have created different Swisscom logins for your different Swisscom products in the past (Swisscom blue TV, Bluewin e-mail, fixed network, etc.). Depending on the user name and password you log in with, you will see different Swisscom services. Contact us if you just want one login for all your Swisscom products in future.

Multi-person household
If you live with other people, you probably have several logins. You can only access certain services with your own login, such as your mobile subscription. If you want to check the Internet subscription for your household, you must log in using the contract holder's login.

Business customers

Your mobile phone contract is paid by your company. You may be authorised to see your mobile phone data. As the person in your company responsible for mobile phone contracts or your managing director.

It could also be because you have a Swisscom Login for each business location. A separate Login is also created for each DSL connection. If you don’t find the information you want using your access details, ask the person responsible for mobile phone contracts or your managing director.

Use your Company Login to assign authorisations for your Swisscom data and documents. This enables you to specify which employees have rights or can view information. The Overview gives you a summary of all the options.

Swisscom recommends that the person responsible for all the mobile phone contracts in your company creates the new employee Login by logging into My Swisscom with the Administrator Login. The Login can be created under "My company" > "Employees" > "Add employees". The user name and authorisations for employees are also defined there.



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