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Swisscom Login

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You can access your Swisscom services and Bluewin e-mails with the Swisscom Login. Forgotten your Login details? Change your user name and password.

Log in

The Swisscom Login is the most important key to your Swisscom online world. You can use it to access your Swisscom services, like the Customer Center and Webmail.

Change user name/ password

You can change your user name and password in the Customer Center any time.

If you change your Login, you will receive and SMS or an e-mail with a code that allows you to reset your current password. Please note that this code is only valid for 24 hours.

If you try to reset the password later than 24 hours after you requested the code, you will receive the message “password invalid”. You will then have to resume the process from the beginning.

You can specify the mobile phone number of e-mail address you want to use to receive the code in the Customer Center. Click on “Passwords & Logins” > “Change reminder channel”

Log in with mobile number

You can log into the Customer Center using your Swisscom mobile number (NATEL® Login) instead of your user name. To do this, enter your mobile number in the box. The code to enter will then be sent by SMS to your mobile or you will be directed to enter your MobileID. This type of login gives you access to most of your data, but you will not be able to view all your details (such as itemised billing).


If you specifically wish to use your mobile number instead of your user name every time you log into My Swisscom Customer Center, we recommend you carry out one-time registration of your NATEL® Login. To do this, please log into the My Swisscom Customer Center with your user name and password:


  1. Under “My Profile”, go to “Details & settings”.
  2. Click “Manage settings” under “Login & password”.
  3. Go to “Register NATEL® Login” and follow the instructions.


N.B.: This explicit registration activates secure two-factor authentication with your Swisscom Login.


Residential customer

How can I set up my Bluewin e-mails on my mobile phone with my Swisscom Login?

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What is the activation code and where do I enter it?

Company Login for business customers

The Company Login can be used to set authorisations. Should an employee be able to view information or have the right to make changes? Check the overview for details of the options.

Why can’t I see all/the right products in the Customer Center?

How can I set up a Login for a new employee?



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