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Manage your Swisscom solutions online in My Swisscom Business (Business Center)

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Manage your Swisscom solutions online

My Swisscom Business is a protected area on the Internet and offers you a central access point for the independent administration and management of your Swisscom solutions. You can create new users, configure and monitor your network, record faults, process invoices and manage your inventory. Your adjustments are applied with just a few clicks, as many processes have been automated. Information channels for service messages and a help section round off your online experience in My Swisscom Business.


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Your My Swisscom Business benefits

  • 24x7 usage: You can manage your Swisscom solutions at any time and from anywhere in My Swisscom Business.
  • Protected customer area : Secure access to your Swisscom solutions and company-related data.
  • Full access control: You maintain control over the users and access authorisations for your company.
  • Login: Thanks to modern login options, every customer can make use of the ideal solution for their needs.
  • Service messages: Planned maintenance work, faults and outages are communicated to users directly in My Swisscom Business.
  • Online help: User support requests can be answered online with the help of instructions and FAQs.

Invoice-related questions

Why am I being redirected to the former Customer Center for invoice details?

I receive my bills on paper. Why do I no longer receive e-mail notifications of new invoices?

I receive my invoices via eBill. Why do I no longer receive e-mail notifications of new invoices?

Why am I now receiving an e-mail with the invoice attached? 

Further answers to important questions can be found in these detailed FAQs:

Your options in detail

  • Overview of products and services in the «Dashboard» 
  • Manage details of products and services in the «Inventory» 
  • Overview of orders, open requests, maintenance work and faults under «Activities» 
  • Collection of useful instructions in the «Portal and product help» 
  • Get support under «Contact» 

User and rights management

Record and manage faults

Efficient invoice, cost and usage analysis

Networks, Internet and telephony

Mobile working and telephony

Value-added services

Workspace solutions

Cooperation and communication

ICT Webshop

Our web shop for B2B customers has been replaced by the new ICT web shop. The new web shop offers a clean design, better product descriptions, exceptional product availability, improved order status tracking plus automated order processing.

The new ICT web shop is accessed exclusively via My Swisscom Business.
If you would like user rights for the ICT web shop, please contact your master user.


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When registering, please indicate that you wish to order the "ICT Webshop" application.

Any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact our ICT web shop team.

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