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My Swisscom Business provides secure access to your Swisscom solutions and company data.

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Users are notified of planned maintenance, faults and downtime directly in My Swisscom Business.

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Users can find answers to their support enquiries online in guides and FAQs.

SME registration

It is not currently possible to register online, but we will be happy to set up access for you!

Please call us on 0800 055 055

Enterprise customer registration

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  • You can register as an applicant if you are a legal representative of your company and entered in the commercial register. To be able to use My Swisscom Business, your company must have valid contracts in place with Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd.
  • To complete the registration, you will need the following information:
    - Your details, information about your company and, if you want to define a different person as master user, then their details too.
    - If you no longer have a master user and need to request a new one, you will also need to complete a user registration.

Time required for the registration application check
We need about three to four working days to check the details you have provided and activate the company profile in My Swisscom Business. The applicant and master user will receive confirmation once your company profile is set up.

This is a legal requirement due to the fact that, within My Swisscom Business, we provide access to employee data and confidential company data.

The applicant is a person who is registered in the commercial register and a legal representative of the enterprise. They have the authority to complete the registration on behalf of the company. The master user, on the other hand, is defined by the applicant and can be an employee of the company or another third party. The master user uses My Swisscom Business and is responsible for administering and assigning permissions, including administrator rights, to other persons.

As soon as your company profile and the first applications are set up in My Swisscom Business, the master user will receive an e-mail containing their login details (username and initial password).

Yes, this is possible, provided that the association or municipality has a valid contract with Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd. In the case of an association, the applicant must be a member of the board of directors. In the case of a municipality, the applicant must be a member of the municipal council or someone who represents the municipality externally.

Login help

Go to the login and follow the steps under:

“Forgotten your username?”
“Forgotten your password?”

You can change your password in your user profile after successfully logging in. Depending on the user interface, you will find the option in your user profile under Swisscom Login & password or Password status.

Possible reasons include:

  • You have entered the incorrect username or password; if so, you can reset it under Forgotten username/password.
  • Your user account has been disabled or deleted (due to inactivity for instance)
    Corporate customers: please contact your administrator
    SMEs: Please contact our support
  • No access to telephone number for 2-factor authorisation (e.g. due to a change of telephone number)
    Please contact your administrator for the telephone number to be amended.
    Please only contact our support if you are the administrator and are unable to resolve the issue (for security reasons, information/support will not be provided to individual users)
  • General issues
    Corporate customers: Contact your administrator; please only contact our support if you are the administrator and are unable to resolve the issue (for security reasons, information/support will not be provided to individual users)

My Swisscom Business

SME: 0800 055 055

Corporate customers: 0800 800 900

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