Digital bill processing with Billing & Analytics

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There are various benefits with digital bill processing: you can save valuable time and resources, automate your day-to-day billing processes and minimise costs for your company. 

Cost transparency with Billing & Analytics

With the standardised and custom reporting options, you can keep an overview of your services & costs and take advantage of alert functions to stay in control. You can also receive, view and pay your bills online.

Receive and pay your bill online

Stop receiving your bills by post and receive them digitally instead via e-mail (PDF), e-invoicing or eBill directly in your ERP system or E-banking – the same place you store and pay them.

Switching to digital bill processing saves on the costs associated with the postal delivery of your bills.

As an alternative to paying with a paying-in slip, you can also choose to pay your Swisscom bill automatically by direct debit (DD). The amount is debited directly from your bank or post office account on the due date without you having to authorise payment manually.

Your benefits

360° view of your costs and user data with custom reporting options

Digital bill processing and reduced time and effort for management, storage and post-processing

Lower process costs with no paper billing

When is it the right solution?

The perfect solution for companies that process all their bills digitally and want complete control and transparency, from bill receipt through to payment.

The ideal solution for companies that want to free up their resources for other value-generating activities, reduce administration effort and save costs.

Companies can accelerate their billing processes and take advantage of a sustainable, resource-friendly service.

 Climate-neutral product

Enjoy the following:

  • Automated, digital bill processing
  • Custom reporting options
  • Time-saving bill management

Why choose Swisscom?

  • Data is protected and processed to the highest standards of security and stored in Swisscom data centres in Switzerland.
  • The digital seal on all electronic bills and e-mails proves that the document has not been opened or tampered with.
  • All documents are securely encrypted and can only be opened with authentication.

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More about the digital receipt of bills

Receive your bill by e-mail

Would you like to receive your Swisscom bill as a PDF by e-mail? Order your digital Swisscom bill free of charge now.


What are the differences between Billing & Analytics S, M, L and basic?

How can I receive my Swisscom bill digitally?

How can pay my Swisscom bill?

Where can I receive a digital itemised bill?

What special billing charges exist?

Can business and private costs be charged separately (mobile phone use)?

  • “We can now process twice as many bills in half the time.”

    Peter Stutz, Senior Accountant,

    PILATUS Aircraft Ltd

  • “Conextrade perfectly satisfies all of our requirements for automated, digital bill processing.”

    Thomas Altenburger, Head of Finance & Accounting,

    Elektrizitätswerke des Kantons Zürich (EKZ)



Digital bill processing saves paper, postage and dispatch logistics. This improves your carbon footprint.


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