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Modern and secure networking solutions: your key to the digital future.

There is no stopping the global networking of people, places, organisations, machines and things, but none of it would be possible without a reliable, efficient underlying network structure. Swisscom is there for you with a high level of expertise, a strong infrastructure and customised solutions. Keeping you and your network up to date – efficiently, securely and with maximum flexibility.




Reliably networked with Swisscom Enterprise Connect

A reliable and agile network with flexible bandwidths is becoming the lifeline of modern businesses. With Swisscom as your partner, you have access to innovative technologies and an excellent network. Enterprise Connect offers you a unique complete package based on software-defined networking for optimal ICT synergy. Take advantage of all the benefits of digitisation to make your network smarter, faster and more agile.

Control your network directly using the Enterprise Connect online dashboard and respond agilely to your business needs. Leverage all the benefits of digitisation and make your network smarter, more flexible and more efficient. Whether you need to connect to the Internet, WAN, SD-LAN or telephone lines at short notice – with the Enterprise Connect online dashboard, you can do it all.



Stand-alone, customised solutions

The classic, modular networking product offers you individual solutions tailored to your requirements. Choose comprehensive networking tailored to your company with the Swisscom Enterprise Network, Internet, Voice and International solutions.

WAN (Wide Area Network) connects your various national or international offices securely and efficiently within a single communications infrastructure, enabling you and your employees to communicate on a corporate-wide basis, with access to your data and applications anytime, anywhere.

LAN (Local Area Network) connects your buildings securely and reliably. Your employees can connect their devices such as PCs, printers etc. via a LAN port or wirelessly and use them immediately. With Enterprise LAN, you can rely on the very latest technologies and benefit from a modern, secure data infrastructure, both wired and wireless.

We offer secure, high-speed and highly available Internet access for companies with one or more sites operating at a national or international level. Efficient communication relies on powerful, high-quality data connections.

With the best solutions, you can take full advantage of a digitally networked world, and give your employees the benefit of secure, unrestricted telephony, flexible communication and mobile working – on the most advanced network of the future.

As a Switzerland-based multinational corporation, you need an agile approach to international business and have to get to grips with the latest digital business models. Swisscom can offer you global digital solutions from a single source, as well as a dedicated contact person in Switzerland.

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Adrian Schmid

Product Manager



What our customers say

  • Würth ITensis: More independent, thanks to SDN

    Marcos Perez
    System engineer with responsibility for network and security

    «Anything that Enterprise Connect does not offer can be provided by other Swisscom services.»



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Your reliable network partner

Flexible network solutions

We offer a complete range of national and international network services, from software-defined network to voice and cloud services.

The best national and international network.

We offer the best network in Switzerland and worldwide with the highest data rate and speed. To keep it that way, we are constantly expanding our network.

Customised security

We offer comprehensive modular security solutions that can be tailored to your network requirements.


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