The secure, flexible in-house networking solution

Enterprise LAN (Local Area Network) connects your buildings securely and reliably. Your employees can connect their devices such as PCs, printers, etc. via a LAN port or wirelessly and use them immediately. With Enterprise LAN, you can rely on the very latest technologies and benefit from a modern, secure data infrastructure, both wired and wireless. Our experts will design a modular communications solution tailored to your individual requirements.

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Basic Services

Enterprise LAN for

large locations or HQs with approximately 50 – 100 employees, down to small locations:

Access switches and distribution switches

(12 to 48 Ports)


Wireless Access Points

Installation and service management

  • by Swisscom

Service level and support

  • Service level: Basic to Premium
  • Availability: Best Effort to SDT1, 99,90 %
  • 24/7 fault hotline

How you benefit


Communicate via a state-of-the-art, secure data infrastructure and rely on our experts’ know-how.


Plannable fixed monthly costs create maximum cost transparency.


Choose the right availability options for your business-critical applications.


Thanks to high scalability and modularity, Enterprise LAN is suitable for your needs.


Enterprise LAN can be supplemented with the following product: