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Inhouse Mobile Services

Indoor mobile coverage

With Inhouse Mobile Services, we bring mobile communication into your company building thanks to optimal mobile communication solutions tailored to your needs.

Demands on the mobile network are growing constantly as everyday use of mobile devices increases – including inside buildings. With Swisscom’s Inhouse Mobile Services solutions, you can raise mobile communication inside your company building to a new level. 

Your benefits with Inhouse Mobile Services


The service is adapted to your day-to-day work situation. Employees are able to access the data they need easily, at any time, wherever they are. Even when they move to a different floor or leave the building, employees are reachable by phone. 


The service is integrated into the Swisscom mobile network, which has a failsafe structure and works with the latest technologies. Our experts ensure your data is protected and your information is secure. 

Optimal development

The Service is suitable for all business premises, however large or small. Swisscom devises appropriate solutions for multi-storey buildings of all sizes and building complexes, providing optimal coverage throughout. 


Video and Film


The base station is located at your premises and connected to a Swisscom operation centre via fibre-optic cables. The signal is distributed around the building via a passive or active antenna network.


Swisscom provides dedicated connections and a comprehensive infrastructure in order to ensure optimal performance of the service.


Redundant units with multiple connections can be provided on request so you can remain contactable even when there are technical problems. 

Small Cells

The small cells solution is exclusively based on fibre-optic technology: the Digital Unit is connected via fibre-optic cable to the Radio Unit, which has a built-in antenna (known as the Ericsson Radio System or ERS).


Ericsson Dot

Ericsson Dot is a high-performance solution and currently the most common. It relies on an easy-to-install Ethernet cable between the Indoor Radio Unit (IRU) and the Radio Dot antennae.


Passive DAS

Passive Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) are used to distribute not just the Swisscom signal, but also those of other mobile providers within a building.


Fibre-optic repeater solutions

In very large buildings, such as shopping centres, airports and railway tunnels, where a multi-provider system is required, CommScope ION solutions are used.



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Driton Saliu

Director Tender Offering Management

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