Enterprise Connect, network solution for SPAR

«Enterprise Connect is a full-service solution for networking our sites.»

Wolfgang Mähr, IT Director, SPAR

The ability to network SPAR’s new stores flexibly and quickly optimises operating costs and provides a tailored solution for each site. SPAR easily connects new stores to the network with a single mouse click thanks to Enterprise Connect from Swisscom.


  • 192 stores across Switzerland
  • Approx. 2,000 employees
  • Stores in 45 countries

The project with Swisscom

  • Rapid activation, upgrades and modular add-ons
  • Low operating costs alongside substantially higher performance
  • No hardware investment and no technological risk


Due to an acquisition and a growing store network, SPAR needed to network its locations rapidly and efficiently. In addition, its vigorous growth required a highly flexible and rapid response to changing business requirements. SPAR therefore needed a service solution offering both maximum investment protection and unlimited scalability.


Enterprise Connect gives SPAR a customised solution that meets all its business needs, from WAN, LAN and WLAN to PWLAN and security. Thanks to its own central dashboard, the company can keep operating expenses low and manage with minimum resources. Minimal management is required from the network manager, who can perform optimisations quickly and easily. SPAR assembles the necessary Enterprise Connect modules on site, according to its requirements, thus reducing its operating costs. In addition, the network can be quickly and easily adapted to specific needs with the click of a mouse, while at the same time providing maximum IT security protection.


These Swisscom products aresuccessfully used by SPAR

Enterprise Connect

Order, interact and respond to requirements quickly in real time via an online dashboard using virtualised network services.