With flexible, secure and automated network solutions in digitalisation

Digitalisation poses new challenges for business models and processes, and impacts upon your ICT infrastructure and strategy. You need to adapt quickly and flexibly to demands from the market and your own company in ever-shorter intervals. You also need to guarantee the mobility of your employees, just as much as the reliable and secure integration of new locations and workplaces. Ultimately, it is vital that you guarantee the implementation of digitalised processes by using IoT. At the same time, the continuous availability of your systems, with as few malfunctions and downtimes as possible, is vital. You need future-oriented technologies to achieve this, which amplify and augment your infrastructure, satisfy mobility requirements and support your agility.

As your partner for all questions regarding networks, we examine your starting position, clarify core issues that are decisive for you and your requirements, and support you in the continuous optimisation of your network. Here, we take both external factors that influence your business into account, as well as the planning and objectives of your cost structure and your resource situation. In our consultations, we elaborate on your questions in detail and draw up the ideal solution for you together.

As leaders in the implementation and operation of network solutions in Switzerland, we offer you complete, secure and forward-looking technology solutions at the same time, with flexible options for expansion and integration, for all areas of your network, as the largest system integrator for Cisco infrastructures in Switzerland and a long-standing Cisco Gold Partner.

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We offer end-to-end integration solutions for LAN, WLAN, SDN and security, either as VAR or professional services.
Combining everything you need!

Agile solutions with Cisco technologies applying the sound knowledge of Swisscom.


Your chosen solutions and services can be integrated into your existing infrastructure and allow you to respond quickly and with agility to new business requirements.


Our experienced experts in ICT/network solutions actively support you with consultations, expert reports, implementation and operation.

Investment protection

State-of-the-art technologies meet all your present-day and future requirements without you needing to make excessively high investments.


profit from numerous innovations

we meet the toughest business requirements

your data remains in Switzerland

Swisscom develops new areas of business with diverse innovations and actively supports you in taking advantage of the opportunities of digitalisation.

99.9% availability, 24/7 support, security, business continuity & disaster recovery.

Swisscom is a long-established Swiss company operating under Swiss law. Your data remains in Switzerland.

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Wireless LAN Solutions On Premises
Efficient, secure and mobile infrastructure

Wireless networks are a key factor in digitalised business processes and associated human interactions. For instance, information about customer behaviour can be analysed and an effective marketing campaign launched accordingly. This brings you closer to your customers, so that you can better meet their needs. You will also make your company more productive and attractive by providing your employees with more flexible and mobile working conditions.

The mobile network is a key factor for success for your company and broadens your horizons when it comes to communicating with your customers. With our complete range of Cisco Wireless LAN controllers and access points, and mobile device detection and analytics tools, we offer custom solutions to meet your objectives in accordance with your requirements.

Swisscom’s WLAN solutions on premises offer you the best communications solution with market-leading products from Cisco.

Benefits for you:

  • State-of-the-art technologies, with modular and fully integrated solutions, for everything you need from digitalised business processes
  • Latest generation WLAN functions, end-to-end visibility of users in the network, standardised security, high bandwidth and performance
  • Fulfilment of requirements based on technological needs (data, language, media), the layout of buildings and other general conditions such as surroundings (industry, production, mines)
  • Fast, lag-free and secure access by your employees to your company data, regardless of time, place and device
  • Use of innovative application options for customer localisation, such as visitor numbers at events, for the effective support of marketing campaigns
  • Informative reporting systems for marketing activities thanks to real-time information
  • Our long-standing and all-round solution and integration expertise for WLAN concepts

Guarantee mobility through highly available market-leading platforms, and secure information for your sales activities.