Cantonal Police Force, St. Gallen

Our vehicles are now also mobile offices.

Thomas Breu

Head of ICT

Cantonal Police Force, St. Gallen

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December 2018

Company Facts:

Headquarters: St. Gallen

Industry: Public administration, security

The localisation of our vehicles is more precise

The cantonal police force (Kapo) St. Gallen is improving its efficiency systematically. It is promoting mobile working with tablets and also optimising resource planning. The new combined WLAN GPS devices in the vehicles play an important role here. Swisscom ensures smooth operation through secure system integration and its services.


Until now, the approximately 200 emergency vehicles and three patrol boats of the Kapo St. Gallen only had GPS tracking devices on board. The officers used their smartphones to access the Internet, and it was not possible to record or input data on site with a tablet. A new solution was therefore needed, with which the Kapo could optimise the localisation of the vehicles and thus simplify the scheduling of deployments. At the same time, broadband Internet access was to transform vehicles into mobile offices.


Together with its partner Cisco, Swisscom realised a pioneer project in Switzerland for the Kapo St. Gallen. Combined WLAN-GPS devices are now being used for the first time in the vehicles and boats. High-precision GPS technology and a powerful WLAN have been combined in a single device. Swisscom was responsible for the engineering and integration of the devices into the shielded network and is also responsible for ensuring secure and stable data transmissions.

These products are used by Kapo St. Gallen

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