Powerful wireless Internet access for your guests, customers and staff

Swisscom provides you with a powerful, stable hotspot solution for every requirement with the Managed PWLAN Services – from small locations to large outdoor areas.

Boost your appeal as a location with the Managed PWLAN Services from Swisscom. You can rely on the high-quality of Managed PWLAN services in any situation.


Swisscom takes care of the installation, monitoring and operation. You can configure your solution just as you please using My Swisscom Business.


You do not have to make any investments and only pay for what you actually use. Swisscom ensures smooth operation and maximum security.



Rely on the latest technology and benefit from experienced Swisscom PWLAN specialists The platform is monitored round the clock.

The right hotspot solution for any public space

We provide you with the right hotspot solution, regardless of where and when you want to make Internet access available to your customers.

PWLAN Indoor

PWLAN Indoor is suitable as a professional Public Wireless Hotspot in a building, such as in hotels, conference and business centres, restaurants/bars or hospitals.


PWLAN Over LAN-I is the ideal supplement to the LAN-I service. Based on the existing LAN-I access, free internet access for your customers, staff and guests is provided at your location.

PWLAN Mobile

PWLAN Mobile offers your passengers fast Internet access on the go. The hotspot solution is particularly suitable for transport companies such as buses, streetcars, cabs and ships.

PWLAN Outdoor

PWLAN Outdoor offers your customers a public wireless hotspot outdoors. This service is suitable for large outdoor areas such as ski resorts, swimming pools, camping and other public spaces.

NEW: PWLAN via Enterprise Connect

Enterprise Connect

Benefit from greater agility, efficiency and control with PWLAN via Enterprise Connect.

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