One single connection for the new IP technology

Swisscom Line company is the successor product to the traditional individual connections used for analogue/ISDN fixed line telephony (EconomyLINE/MultiLINE ISDN). The router used (Internet box) features analogue and Ethernet interfaces for connecting any All IP-capable devices. Swisscom recommends HD telephones for using the new fixed-line telephony service attributes (IP). 


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Our service commitment

− The latest technology (router used: Internet box)

− Individual fixed-line telephony (IP) connection for Enterprise Customers

− Basic connection 1 telephone number / 1 line

− HD sound quality for connections between HD telephones

− Automatic identification of your caller (caller ID)

− Call barring for unwanted calls


− Free Combox® Pro telephone answering machine

− MultiLINE option for additional telephone numbers / lines

− Internet option available

− Equipped for a successful conversion to All IP

− Easy to order on the Extranet

− Free advice

Order directly on the Extranet

Order Swisscom Line company directly via the Extranet (at OWA – Ordering Wireline Access) and manage your services.

Important to know

Not only the classic fixed-line telephone, but also numerous other applications that communicate using the fixed network connection, are affected by the conversion to IP. You can obtain an overview of the new opportunities to replace your existing devices and applications such as fax, alarm systems, lift telephones, modem applications, etc.: 
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