One single connection for the new IP technology

Swisscom Line company is the successor product to the traditional individual connections used for analogue/ISDN fixed line telephony. The router used (Internet box) features analogue and Ethernet interfaces for connecting any All IP-capable devices. Swisscom recommends HD telephones for using the new fixed-line telephony service attributes (IP). 

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Our service commitment

− The latest technology (router used: Internet box)

− Individual fixed-line telephony (IP) connection for Enterprise Customers

− Basic connection 1 telephone number / 1 line

− HD sound quality for connections between HD telephones

− Automatic identification of your caller (caller ID)

− Call barring for unwanted calls


− Free Combox® Pro telephone answering machine

− MultiLINE option for additional telephone numbers / lines

− Internet option available

− Equipped for a successful conversion to All IP

− Easy to order on the Extranet

− Free advice

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