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Fixed network telephony (IP)

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Set up fixed network telephony (IP) and connect your telephone to the router.

What is fixed network telephony (IP)?

Since 2017, all Swisscom customers have been making calls via the Internet using fixed network telephony (IP)


With fixed network telephony (IP), fixed-line telephones are connected to the Internet-Box and not directly to the telephone socket as they were in the past. The Internet-Box must be activated to make calls.


If your fixed-line telephone is not IP-enabled, you can still use it (e.g. older analogue telephones). However the latest generation of IP-compatible telephones ensure that you can enjoy all the benefits of new fixed network telephony.


Fixed network telephony (IP) is not compatible with all devices and services. You can find a list of functions that are no longer compatible here.

Connect your telephone

HD-Phone with integrated telephone base station

The Internet-Box has an integrated telephone base station. It can wirelessly connect all Swisscom HD-Phones to the Internet-Box at the touch of a button. You can then connect the telephone charger to any power socket you like. Another advantage is that from now on, you can make calls in HD quality. You can wirelessly connect up to four 5 HD-Phones to the Internet-Box.

When you use an HD-Phone for the first time, the handset display will automatically request you to press the + button (= pairing button) on the Internet-Box (base station). This sets up the phone in just a few seconds.

If your HD-Phone loses its connection to the Internet-Box, because you have changed router, for example, check the instructions to see how to reconnect using the menu on your telephone.


This video shows you how to connect your telephone with the Internet-Box.

Corded and cordless telephones with a DECT base station

Fixed-line and cordless telephones with their own DECT base station are now connected to the Internet-Box rather than directly to the telephone socket as they were in the past. Use a port labelled “phone” on your Internet-Box for this.

Internet Box 3

Internet Box 2

Internet Box plus

Internet Box light

Internet Box standard

If you are unable to establish a connection with your fixed-line phone, please change to frequency dialling in the settings (if possible). Telephones with impulse dialling can no longer be used.


Go to fixed-line telephone instructions

Connect SIP telephone

Swisscom lets you make calls with an SIP telephone from another provider.


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