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SIP credentials

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Setting up, managing or deleting SIP credentials and finding answers to frequently asked questions.

What are SIP credentials?

SIP credentials allow you to use your Swisscom fixed network number on devices and third-party VoIP clients. They comprise a user name, an authentication name and a password. SIP credentials are linked to the relevant fixed network number and are confidential.

SIP credentials are unique to each fixed network number. Once configured on the device or third-party VoIP clients they make it possible to make calls anywhere in the world. These calls are charged in accordance with your fixed network subscription and appear on your invoice. There are no additional charges for using SIP credentials. The costs are identical to normal fixed network calls.

Set up

In order to be able to use your SIP credentials with devices or third-party VoIP clients, you can use the following button to go to the Customer Center, then go to “My HD phones”, click on “Manage SIP credentials” and follow the instructions.

To activate your SIP credentials, you first have to log on using two-step authentication. This consists of your Swisscom Login and your Natel® Login with an authenticated mobile number. You will be taken through the steps required if your mobile number is not yet authenticated. Once you have requested your SIP credentials you will receive an SMS with a user name, authentication name and password.

The information provided below must be set up in the device or VoIP clients of third party providers:

User name
You receive your fixed network number by SMS
Authentication name
You receive this by SMS
You receive this by SMS
Outbound proxy

Swisscom does not provide detailed configuration instructions due to the very high number of devices and third-party VoIP clients available. Swisscom does not offer technical support for SIP credentials for the same reason. If you require support for end devices or VoIP clients from third-party-providers, please contact the product manufacturer directly.

Manage and delete

SIP credentials must be handled with the same care as a bank card. Anyone who knows your SIP credentials can make telephone calls charged to you from anywhere in the world; these will then appear on your bill. The customer is responsible for ensuring that SIP credentials remain confidential.

If you think that your SIP credentials are being used by someone else, delete them in the Customer Center immediately.

If you give away or sell your telephone, make sure that the SIP credentials are removed from the device. Reset the device to factory settings in advance.

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