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Household insurance Household contents and personal liability

It can happen in an instant: one little accident and the furniture is destroyed. A moment’s inattention on your bike and you hit a pedestrian. In these unfortunate situations, it’s good to know that your household insurance has you covered, financially at least.

from 7.20 per month The price of CHF 7.20 per month for household insurance applies to an adult born on 24 November 2000, resident in 8032 Zurich, who lives as a tenant in a simply furnished 1.5-room flat in an apartment building. No personal liability insurance and no additional options such as comprehensive cover for electrical appliances were selected. The calculation date was 31.05.2024. The sum insured is CHF 40,000.–.

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What is Swisscom sure?

Swisscom sure offers flexible insurances tailored to you. Household insurance offered in association with our partner Zurich Insurance Company Ltd.

What does the household insurance cover?

Household insurance combines household contents and personal liability.

Insure the precious things you hold dear: contents insurance covers damage to your belongings caused by natural hazards, fire, water or burglary.

Damage to household contents caused by fire, lightning or explosion. Damage through scorching and damage to insured property inadvertently exposed to heat or warmth are also insured.

For example: You drop a lit cigarette on the cushion of a garden chair.

The insurance covers damage to household contents caused by flood, inundation, storms (winds with a minimum velocity of 75 km/h uprooting trees or taking the roofs off buildings in the vicinity of the insured property), hail, avalanches, snow pressure, rock slides, falling stones and landslides.

For example: Hailstones ruin your new garden furniture.

The insurance covers damage to household contents caused by liquids leaking from pipes and installations.

For example: While drilling, you damage a water pipe in the wall. The leaking water damages the furniture.

Damage to household contents due to burglary, robbery and simple theft. Simple theft is defined as perpetrators sneaking into the home, e.g. through an ajar window, and stealing insured property.

For example: During your vacation, someone forcibly breaks into your home and steals valuables such as jewelry.

Electrical appliances belonging to the household contents. In other words, devices that are powered by batteries or sockets, such as cell phones, laptops, televisions or vacuum cleaners.

For example: Your cell phone slips out of your hand and falls on floor, and the screen shatters.

Items that you take with you when out and about and that are stolen.

For example: Your suitcase is stolen when you board a train. Your coat is stolen from a restaurant cloakroom. But also your bike, which is stolen when parked at the station.

Glass furniture
Breakage affecting glazing on furniture or glass tabletops.

For example: You drop a plate on the glass tabletop and the tabletop breaks.

All glass
Breakage affecting glass furniture and building glazing as well as glass-like building materials in your home. In addition to glass components in furniture, also breakage affecting washbasins, ceramic cook-tops and, of course, windows.

For example: You want to spray perfume on yourself in the bathroom in the morning, but the bottle falls out of your hand into the sink, where it causes a crack.

Damage to your food that you store at home in freezers or freezer compartments if the appliance has failed due to a breakdown of the cooling unit and the food has spoiled.

For example: You come back from vacation and discover that the freezer has given up the ghost and the fillets have defrosted and spoiled.

Injuring another person or damaging their property can soon become expensive. With personal liability insurance, you’re covered for the financial consequences anywhere in the world.

The statutory liability of the insured persons for bodily injury and property damage that they cause to other persons.

For example: You hit a pedestrian with your bicycle. You cause damage to the parquet flooring in your rented apartment, or your dog causes damage to someone else.

Insurance companies are entitled to reduce benefits if damage was caused by gross negligence. This supplementary insurance also protects you in the event of gross negligence, as the insurance company waives such reductions.

For example: You run a red light on your bike and hit a pedestrian, who is injured. Or you forget to extinguish the candles at home before going to sleep, and this causes a fire.

Damage that you, as the driver of occasionally borrowed motor vehicles, cause to these vehicles.

For example: You borrow a colleague’s car and damage it when parking.

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Everyone up to the age of 25 benefits from a youth discount of 20% on household contents insurance (excluding natural hazards) and 30% on personal liability insurance.

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Anyone aged between 26 and 30 benefits from a newcomer's discount of 10% on household contents insurance (excluding natural hazards) and 20% on personal liability insurance.

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Household insurance

from 7.20 per month The price of CHF 7.20 per month for household insurance applies to an adult born on 24 November 2000, resident in 8032 Zurich, who lives as a tenant in a simply furnished 1.5-room flat in an apartment building. No personal liability insurance and no additional options such as comprehensive cover for electrical appliances were selected. The calculation date was 31.05.2024. The sum insured is CHF 40,000.–.

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What happens if you need to make a claim?

Bicycle theft from a station – you’re all covered

Discovery of the theft

You arrive back at the station following your return train journey only to find that your bike has been stolen. A frustrating moment. Fortunately, you’re insured for the eventuality.

Report the theft

Report the theft to your insurer and to the police.

Fast and uncomplicated processing

The insurer will review your claim. Because you have taken out ‘theft away from home’ insurance, the loss is covered.

Compensation and replacement

The insurer reviews the documents. You will then receive compensation.

Mishaps happen – fortunately, you are covered 

An unexpected accident

While playing a game, your children spill a sweet, sticky drink on their grandparents’ expensive suede sofa. Despite immediate clean-up attempts, there still remains a visible stain. Accidents happen. Fortunately, you have taken out personal liability insurance for the whole family.

Report the claim

You report the incident to your insurer and submit the necessary information: description of what happened, photos of the damage and a cost estimate for professional cleaning or repair.

Rapid assistance and acceptance of claim

The insurer reviews the documents and agrees on the next steps with you: Will it pay for professional cleaning, a repair or even replacement of the sofa? The type of damage, condition and age of the sofa will be taken into account in the compensation.

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Contents insurance protects the personal belongings in your home from damage caused by events such as fire, theft, water damage or natural disasters. It helps you cover the cost of repairs or replacing the items if they are damaged or stolen. In a nutshell, contents insurance provides financial security for the belongings in your home.

Contents insurance is not legally required in most cantons. However, it is advisable to take out contents insurance. It provides financial security when items become damaged or destroyed by certain events. In the cantons of Nidwalden and Vaud, cover for damage caused by fire and natural hazards is compulsory for residents. This insurance must be taken out with a specific body, the Cantonal Fire Insurance. In the cantons of Fribourg and Jura, this insurance is also compulsory, but the residents are free to choose their insurance provider.

If you were to move house tomorrow, what items would you hand over to the removal men? All of this counts as household contents and must be covered by the sum insured.

Our advice: when determining the sum insured, ensure that it would be enough to be able to buy the entire contents of your removal van again.

The sum insured is the maximum compensation that the insurer will pay out in the event of damage to or loss of your personal property.

Please note that the sum insured is a maximum limit. If the total loss exceeds the sum insured, you may have to bear any additional costs. When choosing the sum insured, therefore, it is advisable to make sure that your property is adequately covered should the worst happen.

The deductible is the amount that you would pay out of your own pocket in the event of a claim or that the insurer would deduct from the compensation.

A sum insured will be suggested to you based on the details you provide (number of persons, number of rooms and furnishing). This sum is based on empirical values of similar residential properties and is intended to provide you with a baseline value for the required level of cover. However, the sum insured must correspond to the total value of your actual household contents. Therefore, do not rely blindly on the default values of the online calculator, because only you can know the true value of your household contents.

Our advice: Use a notepad to move from room to room and record what furniture and items you have. This allows you to determine a realistic replacement value for your household items. Don’t forget any items stored in the basement, loft or garage. Ask our hotline if you are unsure.

To calculate the level of cover you require for your household contents insurance, you can follow these steps:

Do an inventory: go through your apartment and make a list of all your possessions. This includes furniture, electronic equipment, clothing, jewellery, household appliances and other valuables.

Determine the value: estimate the value of each item. You can use either the current market value or replacement value. If you are unsure, you can research prices or ask an expert.

Add everything together: add up the estimated values of all the items together to calculate the total value of your possessions.

Include a buffer: add in an extra amount as a buffer for unforeseen expenses or price increases.

Define the sum insured: based on the total value of your property, define a reasonable amount to cover all of your items in the event of damage or loss. If the sum is set too low, there is a risk that only part of the damage will be reimbursed should the worst happen.

It is important to review this sum regularly and adjust if necessary, as the value of your property may change over time.

Our advice: walk from room to room with a notebook to determine a realistic replacement value for your household items. Don’t forget any items stored in the basement, loft or garage.

In principle, housemates can arrange a common contents insurance policy. This also applies for personal liability insurance. However, we recommend that each person takes out the insurance individually. This prevents anyone suddenly have no insurance cover after moving out.

You will find general information on data processing by Swisscom as well as information on additional data processing in insurance brokerage at You can find out how the insurance company processes your data in the privacy policy or read the insurance terms and conditions of the insurance company in question.

Personal liability insurance covers bodily injury and property damage for which you are liable to third parties. Bodily injury means accidentally injuring or even killing a person. Property damage means accidentally destroying, damaging or losing someone else’s property. By law, by reason of strict liability, you can also be liable for damage caused by your children or pets, for example. Tenant damage, that is damage and destruction of the inhabited rental property, is also covered by personal liability insurance.

Personal liability insurance protects you if you harm someone or damage someone else’s property. The insurance covers the costs that could be incurred, for repairs or medical treatment, for instance.

No, personal liability insurance is voluntary. Nevertheless, it is one of the most important types of cover. If you harm someone, even if it is unintentional, you are liable for it. This can soon become very expensive. The insurance covers justified claims of the injured party up to the sum insured. If any unjustified claims are made against you, these will be rejected by the insurance (referred to as passive legal protection).

Personal liability not only pays out in the event of a claim, but it also checks whether you are in fact liable.

As residents of shared accommodation can frequently change (move in and out), we recommend that you always take out personal liability insurance per person. This prevents anyone suddenly have no insurance cover after moving out.

Yes, as an animal owner, you are covered, at no extra cost, for damage caused by your pets. However, in relation to damage caused by tenants, note that damage due to wear and tear (e.g. by a cat scratching doorposts) is not covered.

Yes. Personal liability insurance offers worldwide cover.

Yes, the liability insurance for private individuals applies worldwide. Note that this insurance only covers use of the vehicle for a maximum of 25 days per calendar year. Rental vehicles are not covered. Should you require this, we recommend that you take out ‘Rental and shared vehicles’ cover with our partner Zurich Insurance.

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