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Our prepaid offers

Order a prepaid basic tariff now and expand it later with attractive additional packages if required.

Prepaid basic tariff

With the prepaid SIM card and the prepaid basic tariff, you can make calls at a rate per minute and surf the mobile Swisscom network without fixed costs.

  • Calling: 0.29 per min. Max. 3 minutes per call pay for calls up to two hours. The first 120 minutes on all mobile and landline calls within Switzerland and FL cost a maximum of 87 centimes per call (3 minutes x 0.29 centimes/min). Each additional hour costs 60 centimes. Value-added services and special numbers are excluded.
  • SMS: 0.15 per SMS Costable SMS services are excluded.
  • Surfing: 2.– per day The charging of the daily flat rate only takes effect if more than 10 KB are transferred in one day. If 10 GB are reached within 30 days, the connection speed will be reduced to 128 kbit/s. Important: Data transfers can take place in the background, e.g. synchronisations or automatic updates. These can be deactivated on the mobile phone.
  • One-time costs (starting credit): 20.– When you activate a new prepaid, you pay a one-time fee of 20.–, which serves as a starting credit. This means your prepaid subscription is ready to use straight away. You can immediately make calls and surf.

Price for 30 days

Top up credit in the cockpit

You can check your credit balance, top up and order additional packages at any time in Cockpit. Access to is free worldwide and can also be accessed with a credit balance of CHF 0.

Further top-up options for prepaid

Top-up option Where? Further information
Cockpit With your prepaid smartphone at in new tab)  
Swisscom Shop In a local Swisscom Shop:
Find a Shop
Payment possible with all major credit cards, TWINT or Swisscom invoice.
My Swisscom Online in the Customer Center.
Go to Swisscom login
Payment possible with all major credit cards, TWINT or Swisscom invoice.
Post office At the nearest post office or online.
Find a post office(opens in new tab)
Go to the Swiss Post online shop(opens in new tab)
PostFinance At a Swiss Post cash machine or using the PostFinance app.
Find Swiss Post cash machinen(opens in new tab)
Go to PostFinance app(opens in new tab)
SBB At SBB ticket machines at the station or online.
Go to SBB(opens in new tab)
Vouchers Prepaid vouchers (vouchers with prepaid credit) can be purchased at kiosks, petrol stations and retail outlets, for example.. Vouchers can be redeemed by SMS to 444 or in the cockpit. Further information can be found in the Redeeming vouchers section.
Points of sale Where Additional information
Coop At all Coop branches, fuel stations, Interdiscount and Fust Details(opens in new tab)
Migros At all Migros branches and petrol stations Details(opens in new tab)
Denner At the Denner checkout Details(opens in new tab)
Kiosk At all k kiosks Details(opens in new tab)
Petrol stations At various petrol stations across Switzerland  

Redeem voucher by SMS to 444

  • Top up your own number: Send an SMS with the text VOUCHER [14-digit Value PIN] to 444 to top up your own number.
  • Top up another number: Send an SMS with the text VOUCHER [14-digit number sequence] [external number 07x1234567] to 444 (remove star)

Redeem voucher via Cockpit

Go to, click on the + next to the credit balance and then on "Redeem voucher". You can then enter the voucher code to top up the amount.

Redeem voucher directly here

Click on the "Top up credit directly here" button above. Enter the telephone number you wish to top up, select "Redeem voucher" and then enter the voucher code. After entering the captcha, click on continue and you can confirm the top-up.

Give prepaid credit as a gift: You can load money onto the desired prepaid mobile phone by text message or in the cockpit.


Send an SMS from your mobile phone running a Mobile subscription to 444 with the text: PAYMENT "mobile phone number" and "amount". Example: PAYMENT 0791234567 50

In the cockpit

Go to the Swisscom Cockpit with your prepaid mobile phone. Enter your desired amount and select "Swisscom bill" as the payment method.

Do you need a prepaid advance? If you have less than 10.– of credit, we can help you with a 5.– advance. Only for customers over 18.

Order advance

Send a free SMS with the word ADVANCE to 444. You will receive a credit of 5.–. When you next top up your credit, we will bill you 5.50 for the advance and the service charge.

Notification of advance

If your prepaid credit drops below 3.–, you will receive an automatic SMS informing you about the advance option.

Expand your prepaid basic tariff with attractive additional packages.
These packages are only valid in Switzerland.


Prepaid Plus

30 days unlimited surfing (128 kbit/s) and text messaging.

0.– / For 30 days

30 days free, worth 5.– 

For all under 16

Prepaid Kids

30 days of unlimited surfing (500MB high speed, then 128 kbit/s) and free calls and text messages to 5 numbers of your choice.

9.90 / For 30 days

24h Speed+

5 GB surfing at the maximum available speed - valid for 24 hours.

5.– / Price for 24 hours

Everything is unlimited for a certain period of time

Prepaid Flat 7

7 days unlimited surfing, calling and texting within Switzerland.

20.– / One-off price

Prepaid Flat 30

30 days unlimited surfing, calling and texting within Switzerland.

65.– / One-off price

Prepaid Flat 90

90 days unlimited surfing, calling and texting within Switzerland.

150.– / One-off price

Even more data for your prepaid

500 MB data

500 MB surfing at speeds of up to 50 Mbit/s.

6.90 / Price for 30 days

2 GB data

2 GB surfing at speeds of up to 50 Mbit/s

19.90 / Price for 30 days

5 GB data

5 GB surfing at speeds of up to 50 Mbit/s.

34.90 / Price for 30 days 

Packages for abroad

Easily find the right package for your trip abroad in the tariff check.

blue Kids                     

Mobile subscriptions for children and young people under 16.

Frequently asked questions

You can check your credit any time free of charge in the Cockpit using your prepaid mobile or by sending an SMS.

In the Cockpit
You can view your credit balance at at any time. You can use your prepaid mobile to access free of charge worldwide, even if you have no credit left.

Text STATUS to 444. You will receive an SMS with your current remaining credit.

Prepaid credit will expire in the following cases, meaning the SIM card will be void and the number will revert to Swisscom: 

  • If you port your number (switch your existing phone number to another provider)
  • If you fail to use the card for 12 months
  • If you misuse the prepaid service

If the prepaid service is not used for 12 months, the SIM card or eSIM profile becomes invalid, the remaining prepaid credit lapses and the number reverts to Swisscom without compensation in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions for Mobile Prepaid Services.

Non-use comprises all activities that do not result in a change (reduction or increase) to the prepaid credit, e.g.:

  • Switching on the mobile device
  • Incoming text messages
  • Usage (calls, text messages, mobile data communication) that does not result in a reduction to the prepaid credit in the specific case (e.g. because it is covered by a paid-for package (option))

Use comprises all activities that result in a change (reduction or increase) to the prepaid credit in each specific case, e.g.:

  • Topping up prepaid credit
  • Purchasing packages/options
  • Usage (outgoing calls, sending text messages, mobile data communications) that results in a reduction to the prepaid credit in the specific case

The benefits of blue Mobile

With Swisscom prepaid, you enjoy the freedom to terminate your subscription at any time or switch without any follow-up costs. With our packages, you can flexibly expand your Prepaid with flat rates. So you always have full control over your costs.

Our mobile and 5G network has won more awards than any other Swiss network. Our test-winning service offers the best coverage, maximum speed and the best connection quality. That’s why blue Mobile is Switzerland’s number 1.

Enjoy the best customer service with Swisscom. Whether you’re on the hotline, visiting one of over 100 Swisscom Shops or using the Swisscom Cockpit(opens in new tab): you can check and top up credit, adjust options, block SIM cards, and much more besides – at any time.

We are making a contribution to climate protection by minimising our CO2 emissions and investing in certified climate protection projects for the remaining CO2 emissions. Find out more at

With the Combi Discount, you enjoy an additional 500 MB of high-speed surfing per month on prepaid plus and Kids. To take advantage of this offer, you will need an Internet subscription in your household.

Free protection from dangerous websites without installing additional software on the device. Each day, Swisscom Internet Guard automatically blocks around 250,000 malware attacks on websites.

Ready for the connected world

Swisscom is committed to reducing CO2 emissions and supporting climate protection projects.

For years, we have been teaching young and old how to use digital media and devices.

Get involved: give appliances and packaging a second life.

* When the Prepaid Plus package is activated between 01.04.2024 and 30.04.2024, you will receive the Prepaid Plus package free of charge for 30 days. Existing Prepaid Plus customers are excluded from this promotion. Each person can only benefit once from the promotion. The package is automatically renewed, for which the standard price (5 CHF/30 days) applies. You can deactivate automatic renewal of the package at any time at