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myCloud: Your Swiss online storage facility for photos, videos and data

We like to capture precious moments. If we lose them, these mementos are irreplaceable. So, keep your digital files safe in the secure myCloud. Your photos and videos will remain on servers in Switzerland, while you can access them from any device anywhere.

How much storage space does your life take up?

myCloud 10 GB


myCloud 100 GB


myCloud 250 GB


myCloud 2 TB


Any time, any place

myCloud on computers

Access your data through the desktop app or the web browser. You can also create a computer backup of your data here.

myCloud App

Use all the functions through your smartphone. How to back up your photos and videos automatically in myCloud.

myCloud on the TV

Bask in the memories at home – on your TV screen. Your entire myCloud can be connected to your TV.

When you feel secure, you enjoy life more

  • Wherever you are, your data will remain safe on Swisscom servers in Switzerland.
  • Whatever happens to your devices, nothing will go missing on myCloud.
  • With automatic backups, everything is immediately saved in the online storage.
  • It couldn’t be easier to keep things organised – you create albums and folders in the app itself.
  • With the link sharing function, you can share the most beautiful moments securely and easily, even externally.

Your security will be guaranteed, even abroad.

Important tips

Questions or concerns? Don’t worry, we are happy to help.

myCloud Help

In the myCloud online course, we show you how it works.

Free courses

Capturing memories made easy

Nothing is as timeless as a personalised photo book or a photo gift. It is quick and easy to create with smartphoto and your myCloud photos. Take advantage of the welcome offer with 30% off your order + free shipping from 30.–.*

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4.6 / 5 stars

47,500 ratings (February 2023)

Frequent questions

myCloud is available to all Swisscom customers and also to non-Swisscom customers. The offer can be taken out as an individual product. In addition, myCloud is a component of the blue Security & Service packages M and L.

Further information

The current myCloud subscriptions differ only in the amount of storage space and the price. You benefit from the same functions with all subscriptions.

To link an existing Swisscom login (e.g. for My Swisscom) to your myCloud: 

  1. Open the settings in your myCloud account and click on "Do you want to use a different Swisscom Login for myCloud?"  
  2. Log in with your previous login data for myCloud. 
  3. Log in with your desired Swisscom login. 
  4. Confirm the change by logging in now with the new Swisscom login. 

ⓘ Only 1 myCloud account can be linked per Swisscom login.

  1. Go to and log in.
  2. Open the settings.
  3. Click on "Subscription" and the edit icon.
  4. Select the subscription with the storage space that suits you and confirm the selection.
  5. Select the desired payment method.
  6. Confirm the order

ⓘ A change to the free myCloud subscription is only possible if less than 10 GB of storage space is occupied. Note that files and photos in the recycle bin also occupy storage space.

Swisscom myCloud – Your online storage in Switzerland

 * Discount on the total product order value. Free shipping from a minimum order value of 30.— for deliveries in Switzerland and to Liechtenstein with economy parcel & A letter post. Promotion code can be used several times. Cannot be cumulated with other promotions. Promotion valid until 31.03.2024