Router & Internet-Box

Either by WLAN or Ethernet: stay connected

Not only does the Internet-Box bring superfast WLAN to your home, but thanks to band steering, your devices are automatically connected to your router’s best WLAN network. The WLAN-Box, for example, increases your WLAN reception. It extends the range of your existing WLAN and allows you to connect the TV-Box to the Internet-Box wirelessly. The Powerline also ensures an optimum connection between the router and devices. For a permanent, reliable connection, however, Swisscom always recommends using an Ethernet cable. For more information about improving your home networking, check out our guide.

Simple setup for Internet-Box

Your new Internet-Box configures itself automatically the first time it is connected. This is also the case if you change the router – all passwords and settings are retained. You will also find all information in the installation instructions.

Swisscom’s flexible subscriptions

For the Swisscom Internet-Box, you can choose from an blue Internet S, M or L subscription, depending on the desired Internet speed. You can of course also combine your Internet with blue TV or fixed network telephony – in accordance with your requirements. 

Turn your home into a smart home with the Home app

Smart Home is child’s play with Swisscom: The Home app is compatible with the most popular smart devices. It is easy to set up and intuitive to use. Smart Home accessories include, for example, the Swisscom Smart Switch, the WLAN-Box, Philips light bulbs, Sonos speakers and robot vacuum cleaners.