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Internet-Box & WLAN-Box

Not only does the Internet-Box bring superfast WLAN to your home, but thanks to band steering, your devices are automatically connected to your router’s best WLAN network. The WLAN-Box, for example, increases your WLAN reception. It extends the range of your existing WLAN and allows you to connect the TV-Box to the Internet-Box wirelessly. The Powerline also ensures an optimum connection between the router and devices. For a permanent, reliable connection, however, Swisscom always recommends using an Ethernet cable. For more information about improving your home networking, check out our guide.

Your new Internet-Box configures itself automatically the first time it is connected. This is also the case if you change the router – all passwords and settings are retained. You will also find all information in the installation instructions.

For the Swisscom Internet-Box, you can choose from an blue Internet S, M or L subscription, depending on the desired Internet speed. You can of course also combine your Internet with blue TV or fixed network telephony – in accordance with your requirements.