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Blocking incoming and outgoing calls

Blocking incoming and outgoing calls

Blocking incoming and outgoing calls

Choose from these available solutions:

Note: If you have changed from analogue to new fixed network telephony you will have to reset call barring.

Call barring – reject calls automatically

Asterisk(*) entry in the telephone book

Prevent chargeable calls (value added services) from being made from your landline telephone. You can set up your chosen form of call barring under "IP telephony -> Call barring" in your Customer Centre.

Login to the Customer Centre


  • Block no numbers
  • Block all numbers (no calls possible)
  • Block 0906 numbers (adult entertainment)
  • Block all 090 numbers
  • Block Carrier Selection (call by call), which allows you to make calls using another telephone provider
  • Block international connections, 090 numbers & Carrier Selection


Emergency number 144

If you block 0900 numbers, emergency calls on 0900 numbers are blocked as well. Regardless of call barring, however, the emergency number 144 is always available. 


General service and emergency numbers can be made even when barring is activated.  

You can set the required blocking type in your Customer Center under fixed network telephony > Blocking.

Choose from these available solutions:

If you still receive advertising calls, you can find more information here.

Call barring - rejecting calls automatically

Blocking marketing calls

Prevent chargeable calls (value added services) being made from your landline telephone. Swisscom offers 4 different call barring packages to do this. Set up a package, and you can enable and disable it with the use of a PIN code.

Set 1 Bar all connections
Set 2 Bar all international connections (including satellite telephones),  Carrier Selection, 0900 numbers, 0901 numbers, and 0906 numbers. The automatic alarm clock service can still be used.  
Set 3 Bar 0906 numbers
Set 4 Bar 0900, 0901, and 0906 numbers. The automatic alarm clock service cannot be used

090x numbers

0900/0901 numbers are reserved for business, marketing and information services, entertainment, games (downloads) and feedback for viewer surveys (televoting).
0906 numbers are reserved for adult entertainment.
Calls to these numbers incur high fees. Value-added services are chargeable information and entertainment services that you can order via SMS/MMS or the Internet

Blocking access to 090x numbers and value added services

You can block access to specific kinds of 090x numbers (for example just 0901) or all 090x numbers (0901, 0906, and so on) and value added services. To do so, log in to the Customer center (under Mobile > Settings > Blocking sets) or to the  My Swisscom App (My number > Manage number > Blocking sets).

Find out here how to prevent unwanted advertising calls.
Unwanted SMS and MMS subscriptions

SMS/MMS and other value added services

Value added services are fee-based information and entertainment services, such as weather reports, news, ring tones, or games, which you can order by SMS/MMS or on the Internet. They can be ordered regularly or as one-offs. The costs vary according to the particular provider or service.


Payments by mobile phone at vending machines, such as  Selecta drinks machines, parking meters, or ticket machines, also count as value added services. The amount payable for goods or services is shown on your NATEL® bill. Value added services appear under “Other services” on your bill. NATEL® Easy customers have the payable amounts deducted straight from their credit.

NATEL® Pay is also a value-added service which allows you to use NATEL® bills to pay for goods in various online stores. On completion of your purchases, you will find all the payments you have made using NATEL® Pay on your statement, under "Your NATEL® Pay purchases". If you block the value-added service, online purchase with NATEL® Pay will no longer be possible. 

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