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Use the Callfilter on mobile and fixed-network phones or manually block unwanted calls or numbers (e.g. 0900 numbers) and report advertising calls.

Stop all unsolicited calls

Activating Callfilter

Callfilter spares you the hassle of unsolicited cold calls. It automatically blocks incoming calls from numbers on a list that is continually updated using specific criteria. This service is for free.

Blocking numbers manually

With Callfilter activated, you can create your own list of blocked numbers. To do this, select on My Swisscom(opens in new tab) (Customer Center) ‘Manually block and enable numbers’ in the ‘Callfilter’ tile. You can add up to 200 numbers and update your list at any time. If you would like to block calls from a particular canton or country, please enter the dialling code in question followed by an asterisk (for example, England with international prefix +44 12*).

You can also block numbers right on your phone. Please note that these call barring can only be reversed in My Swisscom(opens in new tab).

  • You can block the last call you received directly on your phone by entering *00#: this number will be added to your individual blockinglist.
  • If you have a Swisscom HD phone, you can also block calls using the crown button.

Activating Callfilter

The free Callfilter filters out calls from suspicious call centres by blocking numbers on the basis of specific criteria. Visit the Swisscom Cockpit(opens in new tab)click on the menu and go to "Call settings" to activate and deactivate the Callfilter and to view the last 20 blocked calls.

New: you can now block or unblock individual numbers

The Callfilter now allows you to block or unblock numbers of your choice: visit the Swisscom Cockpit(opens in new tab), click on the menu and go to "Call settings".

Do Not Disturb

The mode Do not disturb allows you to mute calls, alerts and messages, so you won’t be disturbed during holidays, important appointments or when driving. Go to your mobile settings to activate the mode manually or to specify a time period. Most devices also allow you to determine who you wish to block or allow to contact you and when.

Block SMS advertising messages

Next to annoying calls with Mobile you can also block unsolicited SMS. Extra care should be exercised when you are requested to send back a SMS or call a number. In particular, this is true if you do not know the company behind the advertising SMS.

If you do not want to receive further advertising SMS from a company, you can cancel them thusly:

  • Identify the sender with the help of a short form list(opens in new tab).
  • Inform the sender that you don't like to receive further advertising SMS. The simplest way to achieve this, is by sending a SMS to the sender with the content STOP ALL.

Additional blacklists

Additional advice on protecting yourself from unwanted calls is provided below:

  • Device Instructions. If you cannot find your device listed, try the instructions for the previous or successor model.
  • You can add an asterisk (*) to your entry in the phone book at in new tab) This indicates that you do not want to receive advertising calls and this will be respected by legitimate call centres.
  • You can have your address entered on the Robinson list(opens in new tab)  for postal advertising and door-to-door selling.

Block premium rate line numbers Landline Mobile

Blocking 0900 numbers and value-added services

Block chargeable numbers. How to block calls from your fixed network connection to 090 numbers or other value-added services.

Emergency numbers when blocked

Regardless of call blocking, the emergency number 144 is always available. General services and emergency numbers can be called even when blocking is activated.

Blocking 0900 numbers and value-added services

Prevent chargeable calls (i.e. 090x numbers or value added services) from being made from your landline telephone. You can block outgoing calls on My Swisscom. To do this, select ‘Adjust settings’ in the ‘Call barring settings’ tile and choose a call barring set.

Blocking mobile payments

To block SMS/MMS short numbers and Swisscom Pay for adult entertainment, go to the ‘Block mobile payment’ tile in My Swisscom and select the ‘Manage settings’ button. Here you can define which services you wish to block.

For persons under 16 years of age, access to value-added services (mobile payment and adult entertainment via SMS/MMS and Swisscom Pay) is automatically blocked due to statutory protection of minors requirements. The block is lifted when the person reaches their 16th birthday. Before that, the legal guardian can have mobile payment unblocked by Swisscom via 0800 800 800.

Note on value added services

If you block all value-added services, you will no longer be able make payments via your mobile bill through Swisscom Pay and SMS short numbers.

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