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How to set up and use Multi Device

How to set up and use Multi Device

The Multi Device option lets you surf on up to two additional devices and make calls with the same telephone number. So you can take incoming calls on your master device plus additional devices enabled to take calls. And you can make calls on all these devices using the same telephone number. You can also surf on all your devices at the same time.


The roaming units in your subscription apply to your master device and additional device(s). The Apple Watch Series 3 (4G) does not support roaming outside the Swisscom mobile network.

Multi Device 6 months for free

Use your Apple Watch Series 3 for free for 6 months with your inOne mobile subscriptions.

You will need

Master device


  • A smartphone with an inOne mobile subscription (except inOne light).
  For the Apple Watch Series 3 (4G), you need an iPhone 6 or above with the latest iOS version.
1 or 2 additional devices
  With SIM compartment or eSIM (e.g. the Apple Watch Series 3 (4G) with eSIM)
A Multi Device SIM for each additional device.
  If you don’t have a Multi Device SIM yet, you can order one here.
  You do not require a Multi Device SIM for the Apple Watch Series 3 (4G). The device has an eSIM.
  You do not need a new SIM for your master device.You can continue to use your master device as it is.
  For technical reasons, you cannot use Multi Device in combination with Liechtenstein connections with the code +423.

How to activate Multi Device

On your master device, visit
Click "Devices"

Click "Select Option"

Select the Multi Device option you want to use.
Click on "I have a SIM card or an eSIM profile"
Click "Scan SIM QR code"
Click "Scan now"
Photograph the QR Code on the Multi Device SIM in the cockpit. (Please do not use a QR code reader app. Scanning only works in the cockpit.) You might have to allow access to your camera.
Check your Multi Device order and click "Confirm" 
You will now be asked to switch off your master device for 5 minutes. Click on "OK"  
You will now see a confirmation that we have received your order.
Switch off the master device for 5 minutes
In the meantime insert the Multi Device SIM in your additional device
Switch on both your master and additional devices
  A text to your master device now notifies you that the Multi Device option has been activated


Multi Device for Apple Watch Series 3 (4G)

With Multi Device, both residential and SME customers can make calls and surf over the Swisscom mobile phone network with the Apple Watch Series 3. Available with the iPhone 6 or above and the latest iOS version.

Available now: Multi Device free for 6 months

  • For the first 6 months, you can use Multi Device at no extra cost with the Apple Watch and your inOne mobile XS-XL subscription (excluding inOne mobile light).
  • Offer only applies for Multi Device with the Apple Watch Series 3 (4G).
  • The free period of use starts when Multi Device is activated. Following activation, you will receive a confirmation SMS.
  • You will receive another SMS informing you when the 6-month period is up. If you no longer wish to use Multi Device, simply cancel it via the online Cockpit:

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Features & costs

You can find an overview of the Multi Device prices and functions for master devices and additional devices at

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