Setting up & using Multi Device 

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Activate Multi Device on your Apple Watch or other devices with a SIM or an eSIM. Using your additional devices with your existing mobile subscription.

What is Multi Device?

The Multi Device option allows you to use your tablets, smartwatches and other accessories with your mobile subscription. You can make calls on up to 10 additional devices exactly as you would using your main device and connect to the Internet at the same time.

Multi Device also works abroad: your roaming allowance applies to both your main and additional device(s) (with the exception of Apple Watches). 

Activate Multi Device

  1. On your master device, visit in new tab)
  2. Click "Devices".
  3. Click "Select Option".
  4. Select the Multi Device option you want to use.
  5. Click on "I have a SIM card or an eSIM profile".
  6. Click "Scan SIM QR code".
  7. Click "Scan now".
  8. Photograph the QR Code on the Multi Device SIM in the cockpit. (Please do not use a QR code reader app. Scanning only works in the cockpit.) You might have to allow access to your camera.
  9. Check your Multi Device order and click "Confirm".
  10. You will now see a confirmation that we have received your order.
  11. In the meantime insert the Multi Device SIM in your additional device.
  12. A text to your master device now notifies you that the Multi Device option has been activated.
  1. Open in new tab) on the master device.
  2. Click “Devices”.
  3. Click “Add additional device”.
  4. Select the Multi Device option you want to use.
  5. Click “I require a Multi Device SIM or eSim profile”.
  6. Click “Buy eSIM profile and activate directly”.
  7. Check your Multi Device order and click "Confirm".
  8. This creates an eSIM profile that you can print or save.
  9. A text to your master device now notifies you that the Multi Device option has been activated.
  10. Open the corresponding app for your eSIM device and scan your eSIM profile's QR code.
  11. The eSIM profile is downloaded and mobile communication is activated.


  • iPhone 6 or above with the latest iOS version
  • The Apple Watch must be paired with your iPhone
  • You have a Swisscom Login


  1. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap the "My Watch” tab.
  3. Choose "Cellular" > "Configure Cellular Plan”.
  4. You will now be guided through activation.
  5. To use with Multi Device, click on “For me”.

You can also use an Apple Watch from Series 4 onwards with an inOne mobile care subscription and benefit from a separate phone number. You need an iPhone with an integrated SIM and a Swisscom subscription to activate this. Follow the instructions above and select "For a Family Member" at step 5.


  • Samsung smartphones with Android OS 5.0 or laterPlease follow the instructions "Devices with eSIM" to activate via smartphones of other manufacturers (among others Huawei, Sony, HTC or even Apple iPhone 5 or higher)
  • You have a Swisscom Login


  1. Open the Samsung Galaxy Wearable (Android) app on your smartphone.
  2. Select the device that you wish to pair.
  3. The Samsung app will now take you through the activation process and then take you to the Swisscom Cockpit .
  4. Log in using your Swisscom Login.
  5. Click “Add additional device”.
  6. Check your Multi Device order and click "Confirm".
  7. A text to your master device now notifies you that the Multi Device option has been activated.

The localisation service (GPS function) of the Trax Tracker has been discontinued by the manufacturer with immediate effect. The product is therefore no longer sold or offered by Swisscom.

If the Trax Tracker is the only additional device you use with Multi Device, you can deactivate the option in the Swisscom Cockpit.



  1. Open the My BMW app.(opens in new tab)
  2. Register with your mobile number. If you do not have a profile, create one now.
  3. Click on the ‘Personal eSIM’ tile.
  4. Select the ‘Cars and Mobilities’ option.
  5. Confirm your selection.
  6. You are taken back to the My BMW app. To use the services, please log in with this BMW ID in the vehicle.

Using your smartwatch

Use your smartwatch to make calls and surf on the Swisscom mobile network with Multi Device.

Yes, Apple Watch (from watchOS 9.1 with Apple Watch Series 5, Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Ultra and later) and the Samsung Galaxy Watch support international roaming and can be used abroad. Please note that the requirements for VoLTE Roaming must be met.

Some devices cannot receive a roaming SMS so you may not receive an SMS with the price information for using the device abroad. The costs for use abroad are available in the tariff overview.

The Watches & Wearables option is included in these subscriptions and packages, which you can use with both the Apple Watch and the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Apple Watch: Open the “Apple Watch” app on your iPhone, tap “My watch” and then tap the top of your Apple Watch display. Tap the “Info” button and then on “Unpair Apple Watch”.
Samsung Watch: Go to “Settings”, then “General” and “Reset”.

You have to remove the device in the Swisscom Cockpit to cancel the monthly Multi Device costs.
Once activated the Multi Device option cannot be cancelled until the end of the following month. After that, you can cancel the Multi Device option whenever you like. Costs are billed on a pro rata basis.

Block your eSIM profile at in new tab).

N.B. When you set it up, secure your smartwatch with a personal device code as the device does not have a SIM pin.

Frequently asked questions

Features & costs

You can find an overview of the Multi Device prices and functions at

The Multi Device options are available with the blue Mobile S/M/L, inOne premium, basic Mobile XS/S/M and blue Kids Mobile subscriptions, as well as all SME and older subscriptions (Swiss mobile flat, inOne XS-XL, young).

You can use your blue Mobile L on 3 additional smartphones and 1 smartwatch free of charge. Your inOne mobile premium on 3 smartphones and 2 smartwatches. 

No. Multi Device is intended for the personal use of one person only. All devices can be reached using the same telephone number. Anyone with access to your additional device can use your services at home and abroad and has access to the Cockpit ( in new tab)) for example. They can make changes to the settings for your devices there. We recommend the new blue products for people in the same household.

Swisscom assumes no liability or guarantee for the function of third-party services (such as third-party instant messaging or apps) with Multi Device. WhatsApp currently only supports the use of WhatsApp accounts with one number on one device(opens in new tab) (as at April 2017). iMessage supports Multi Device. 

With the Connect pack, you can use 3 additional smartphone and/or tablet devices free of charge. In addition, the "Watches & Wearables" option is offered free of charge when activating the first Apple or Samsung Galaxy Watch.

The Multi Device option for up to 10 additional devices is only billed when you activate it.

No, with every Multi Device SIM the SIM PIN is deactivated by default. The reason for this is that it is not possible to enter a PIN for additional devices without a display (e.g. tracker or camera).
Note: If you receive your Multi Device SIM, you will still find a PIN printed on the SIM cardholder. This is required, should you want to reactivate the PIN. Insert the SIM into the device and activate the SIM PIN in the settings. Use the PIN on the SIM cardholder. After initial entry, the PIN can be changed as desired.

Swapping additional device or cancelling Multi Device

You can simply remove the Multi Device SIM from your additional device and place it in your new additional device. If the SIM is too large for your new additional device you can order a replacement SIM on My Swisscom (Customer Center) or – in the opposite case – use a SIM card adapter.

Order a replacement SIM(opens in new tab)

Micro-SIM Adapter (CHF 4.90)

Nano-SIM Adapter Set (CHF 4.90)

There is a minimum service period for Multi Device.

Once activated, the Multi Device option cannot be cancelled until the end of the following month. When the minimum service period has expired, the Multi Device option can be cancelled at any time without compensation. When deactivating, the Multi Device option is immediately deactivated via the Cockpit(opens in new tab). When it is deactivated, the monthly fee is charged pro rata.

When the main contract is cancelled (the existing inOne mobile contract for the master device), the Multi Device option is also cancelled automatically.

The master device is unaffected.
The functions of your master device and the services included in your inOne mobile subscription can still be used as normal.

In the Swisscom Cockpit(opens in new tab), you can manage the “calls” function in the device settings of your additional device. You can access the Swisscom Cockpit from your master or additional device. You can view current costs and inclusive units for the overall subscription on My Swisscom and in Swisscom Cockpit(opens in new tab). Usage is not shown per device.

Multi Device vs. inOne mobile data


Multi Device

inOne mobile data

Available with:

inOne (SME) mobile go, premium, XS–XL and Swiss mobile flat

As separate subscription

In Switzerland


Yes, unlimited

Yes, with 30 GB/mth
Then speed reduction with no additional costs
Phone calls

Yes (using the number of the main subscription)

SMS Only on master device Yes



As per subscription included units

With data packages
Phone calls No
SMS Only on the main device Yes


Monthly charges

From 3/mth
Included with the Connect pack, inOne mobile premium, L and XL


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