Roaming: Using mobile phones abroad

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Make calls while travelling, send SMS and surf the Internet: view tariffs, set roaming cost limits and manage your costs.

Use and tariffs

You can make calls, send SMS and surf the Internet abroad with your Mobile subscription or Prepaid credit. To do this, activate data roaming(opens in new tab) on your device and set cost limits for data roaming and for making calls while travelling.

What charges apply for mobile usageabroad?

Use the tariff advisor to see everything included in your subscription at a glance and find out how much using your mobile will cost you in your chosen country. To view the tariffs that apply in specific countries, select your destination and your current subscription or Prepaid tariff.

Ship, plane or satellite

The new legislation means that mobile services are no longer available on ships, planes or via satellite. You can only surf, call and send messages when you are connected to the WLAN and using a messaging service.

Roaming costs near the border

If you stay near the Swiss border you mobile phone may automatically switch to a foreign mobile phone network. This can also happen some distance from the border, in the Lake Geneva area or in mountain regions (such as Jura, Alpstein, Grisons or Valais Alps). Since much lower radiation limits apply in Switzerland than in the EU, EU networks extend much further into Switzerland than vice versa.

With a blue Mobile M or L subscription, this will not incur any costs. You can enjoy unlimited smartphone use within Switzerland and EuropeTo avoid roaming costs, we recommend that you switch off the automatic network selection on your mobile phone.

Making calls abroad

  •     Include the country code (not necessary for emergency numbers)
  •     Deactivate block on calls from Switzerland to other countries
  •     Short-dial and value-added service numbers: Include the country code and delete the first ‘0’ in     the number.  Swisscom hotline number example: +41 800 800 800

Not all foreign short-dial and value-added service numbers can be called from abroad, but most Swiss short-dial and value-added service numbers can. When calling a service number, ensure that the country code precedes any telephone number you dial, but delete the initial ‘0’. Swisscom hotline number example: +41 800 800 800 or Swiss Service number in Austria: +43 810 810 840.

VoLTE roaming: calls over 4G

Increasing numbers of mobile providers are shutting down their 2G and/or 3G networks. This may mean that the ability to make calls while abroad without VoLTE roaming is restricted or no longer possible (e.g. in the USA). In the tariff query you can see whether your country of travel is affected.

The following requirements apply to VoLTE roaming.

Limiting and monitoring costs

Before travelling abroad, customers need to set a roaming cost limit With the cost limit, you define an upper price limit for additional roaming costs. For example, if you have used up your included data allowance and want to buy a roaming package, these costs must be within the defined cost limit. Otherwise the purchase is not possible. for calls, SMS/MMS and surfing abroad in the Swisscom Cockpit under ‘Costs’. You will not be able to make or receive chargeable calls/SMS/MMS or use data while travelling abroad otherwise. Please note that, when the set limit is reached, you will no longer be able to make or receive calls, and any active calls will be aborted. You can adjust the limits at any time.

Set a cost limit(opens in new tab)

Overviewand packages in the Swisscom Cockpit

You can see your ongoing costs and purchase packages for surfing and calls/SMS/MMS abroad in the Swisscom Cockpit. This means you can keep track of your roaming costs at all times. Access to the Cockpit is always  free of charge and does not use roaming credit.

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Roaming describes the process when you use your mobile phone in a foreign mobile phone provider’s network. The mobile network provider charges Swisscom for your Internet usage, calls made and messages sent on the foreign network.

Before you start your trip abroad, you must set your roaming limits for surfing and calls/SMS/MMS in the Swisscom Cockpit under “Costs”. Make sure you have enough credit left from your data allowance. If you don't have a data allowance included in your subscription or you have already used it, you need to purchase a data package before you travel.

The simplest way is to switch to a mobile subscription that includes an allowance for Internet, calls and SMS/MMS abroad. If your subscription does not have a data allowance or you have used your credit before you travel, you need to purchase a package so that you can use your mobile phone abroad. These packages are valid for 12 months so you have a year to use the credit you purchase.

Check the tariff overview to see the costs for using your mobile phone abroad. You can select your destination and your mobile subscription to see at a glance how much credit the different subscriptions include for surfing, calls and SMS/MMS. You can find your available credit and your current roaming limits in the Swisscom Cockpit.

Shortly before you reach your roaming limit for surfing or calls/SMS/MMS, you will be notified by SMS (with 20% credit remaining). Once the limit is reached, you receive another SMS, after which calls and mobile Internet will be interrupted. For your cost security, you can only surf and make calls again once you have increased your roaming limit in the Swisscom Cockpit.

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