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Roaming: Using mobile phones abroad

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Check the roaming charges for making calls and surfing abroad. You can see your current costs and your subscription's available credit in the Cockpit.

Mobile phone use abroad

You can make calls, send SMS and surf the Internet abroad with your mobile subscription or prepaid credit. Activate data roaming for this on your device.

Check roaming tariffs

To view the tariffs for using your mobile phone in specific countries, select your destination and your current in the following tariff advisor.

Managing costs

You can check your current costs and purchase additional data packages for surfing abroad in the Cockpit. So you always keep your roaming costs under control.

Do you make regular calls abroad from Switzerland? The International Calls option lets you make unlimited calls.

Roaming costs near the border

If you stay near the Swiss border you mobile phone may automatically switch to a foreign mobile phone network. This can also happen some distance from the border, in the Lake Geneva area or in mountain regions (such as Jura, Alpstein, Grisons or Valais Alps). Since much lower radiation limits apply in Switzerland than in the EU, EU networks extend much further into Switzerland than vice versa. To avoid roaming costs, we recommend that you switch off the automatic network selection on your mobile phone.


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