VoLTE: 4G calling 

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Activate VoLTE (Voice over LTE) on your mobile phone and use 4G calling – for the best call quality. What you need to know.

What is VoLTE?

VoLTE stands for ‘Voice over Long-Term Evolution’ or ‘Voice over LTE’. With VoLTE, you make calls using the 4G/LTE mobile network. 

Your benefits a glance:

  • Faster connections
  • Better sound quality
  • Lower battery usage
  • Make phone calls and surf at high speed at the same time
  • 4G provides the best coverage and capacity 

Requirements for VoLTE   

VoLTE roaming – 4G calling abroad – works on devices running iOS 15 and later and Android 12, as long as the international mobile network operator is a Swisscom VoLTE roaming partner.  


Virtually all smartphones from 2018 onwards are VoLTE-enabled. If you are unsure, ask your device manufacturer or carry out the following test: your mobile phone supports VoLTE if the 4G/5G symbol is displayed at the top of your screen when you make calls.

This list(opens in new tab) shows older devices that are not VoLTE-enabled. 

To activate VoLTE on your mobile phone, go to Settings > Mobile networks > Activate VoLTE calls (instructions for iPhone). You can also disable VoLTE there.

VoLTE is mostly automatically activated on devices from 2016 (e.g. from iPhone 12) onwards.  

Voice calls always cost the same amount, irrespective of the technology used. Therefore, VoLTE calls are billed as normal calls and in accordance with your current subscription. They are not treated as data connections.  

Yes, VoLTE roaming works if your mobile phone supports VoLTE requirements and Swisscom’s roaming partner (international mobile network operator) supports VoLTE. The tariff check shows whether the roaming partner supports VoLTE.  

The Swisscom network and most recent mobile phones support emergency calls over 4G/VoLTE. Swisscom now only offers devices capable of making emergency calls via VoLTE. For devices not purchased from Swisscom, you will need to clarify whether this is possible.