Instructions and functions

Setting up e-mail on your device

How to set up your Bluewin e-mail in an e-mail programme on your mobile phone or computer.

Set up e-mail

Remove the reading pane or set it at the bottom or on the right: Use the “Change view" icon ​  to determine how your e-mails are displayed.

You will see "My Folders" on the left of the menu. Press the plus sign to create new folders.

Tick the box to the left of the e-mails you want to delete and click on the recycle bin icon. 

Click on the recycle bin icon to the right of the "Recycle bin" folder. Once you confirm, this permanently deletes all e-mails from your recycle bin.

You will see adverts in your inbox if you use Bluewin e-mail for free or do not pay for it separately. You cannot deactivate or change the way these adverts are displayed.

With an Internet subscription and Bluewin E-Mail basic, you can switch to the Bluewin E-Mail pro offer. This stops any advertising and gives you more storage space.

You can also use Bluewin e-mail ad-free in your e-mail programme.

Set up now

Problems sending and receiving e-mails

Solve your problem in My Swisscom. The automatic technical assistance will help you with this.

Solve problem(opens in new tab)

Possible reasons:

  • Storage space full: Delete the e-mails you no longer need. 
  • Attachment larger than 15 MB: Send the file via myCloud, for example.

If you can't find an e-mail, it may have been moved to another folder or subfolder. Check the spam folder and the recycle bin or enter the sender's e-mail address or the subject in the search field.

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