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Creating a Swisscom e-mail address

  • E-Mails, contacts, calendar and tasks in one account
  • Access from anywhere
  • Protection from viruses, spam & phishing

We have updated the Bluewin e-mail products and modernised Webmail. All existing customers will automatically change to the new subscriptions and new Webmail in the next few weeks. We cannot specify the exact date of the migration. 

Select Bluewin E-Mail subscription

Select your chosen Bluewin E-Mail subscription. Depending on the subscription, benefit from additional features, such as more storage space, ad-free webmail or automatic synchronisation of e-mails, contacts, calendar and tasks on mobile devices.

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Your benefits with Bluewin E-Mail

All your e-mails, contacts, calendar and tasks together in one

With Exchange, your e-mails, calendar, contacts and tasks are automatically synchronised on your smartphone and tablet (only for Bluewin E-Mail basic or advanced and the iOS mail app or Gmail app).

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The spam filter automatically checks all e-mails, protecting your data from viruses, spam and phishing.

Your e-mails, contacts, calendar and tasks are stored in Switzerland and subject to Swiss data protection legislation.

Frequently asked

Bluewin E-Mail basic and advanced subscriptions include multiple e-mail addresses. You can add e-mail addresses or manage your current e-mail addresses at any time in My Swisscom.

> Go to My Swisscom

You can change your Bluewin E-Mail subscription and adjust your e-mail account settings at any time in My Swisscom 

When you switch to a lower subscription, you will continue to have access to your primary e-mail account. Additional e-mail accounts will be suspended and will be deleted after 180 days. As you will have less inclusive storage space, you may have to delete e-mails. Otherwise, you will no longer be able to send or receive e-mails.

How to view and free up your storage space:

> Go to instructions

With Bluewin E-Mail light, you will see adverts in your webmail inbox. You cannot deactivate or change the way these adverts are displayed. You will not see adverts if you have an e-mail program or app on your computer or smartphone. Webmail is also ad-free with Bluewin E-Mail basic and advanced.

How to set up your Bluewin E-Mail on your device in an e-mail program like Outlook or Apple Mail:

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