Discover the latest smartwatches from Apple

1) Handy-Gerätevergünstigung in Kombination mit einem inOne oder Swiss mobile Abo, z.B. inOne mobile go (80.–/Mt.), premium (200.–/Mt.), basic (45.–/Mt.), flat (65.–/Mt.), light (25.–/Mt.); Mindestvertragsdauer 24 Monate; beim Online-Aboabschluss wird die Aufschaltgebühr geschenkt, auf allen anderen Kanälen beträgt die Aufschaltgebühr 40.–.

The Apple Watch to suit your needs

For listening to music, sending messages, tracking your sports achievements or surfing the Internet: different models match your requirements, depending on how you use your Apple smartwatch. The personal filter function will help you find the right smartwatch for you. You can compare and purchase Apple Watches online or in the Swisscom Shop. Your benefit: enjoy free delivery of your smartwatch.

Stay online with Multi Device

Use your smartwatch with Multi Device. You need an option alongside your inOne mobile subscription for this, allowing you to use up to 10 additional devices with your main device subscription. You can then make calls, chat, surf and stream as you would on your mobile phone – provided your smartwatch offers these options.

Matching accessories for your smartwatch

Find matching wristbands and headphones for your smartwatch. Never run out of juice with a power bank. And to combat unwelcome bacteria, we recommend our cleaning wipes.