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All devices combined in one Mobile subscription. 

With the Multi Device options, you can also surf and make calls on your additional devices -  connected at all times wherever you are. 

What is Multi Device?

With the Multi Device Option, you can use your tablets, smartwatches, laptops and other additional devices with your mobile subscription. Surf and make calls with several devices in exactly the same way as with your main device. 

Select your Multi Device options 

The right option for all your devices –  flexibly selectable.

Trackers & Sensors

Use subscription with trackers or other sensors 

Price per month 

Watches & Wearables

Use subscription with your smartwatch or other wearables 

Price per month 

Smartphones & Tablets

Use subscription with another smartphone, tablet or notebook 

Price per month 

Order Multi Device now


If your additional device has an eSIM, you will need to activate this in the Swisscom Cockpit under "Devices". 

SIM card

If your additional device does not have an eSIM, you can order your free SIM card online now. 

Connect your additional device in only 3 steps  

1. Order 

Order the right option for your additional device above with physical SIM card or eSIM.  

2. Activate 

Learn how to activate the eSIM or SIM card. 
Learn more(opens in new tab)

3. Use 

Your add-on device now runs on the same Mobile subscription as your smartphone. Manage all your devices in MySwisscom.

Devices that can be added under your Mobile subscription  

Frau mit Tablet


Whether you're on the train, on holiday or in the mountains, your tablet makes it easy to work on the move or stream your series and sports programmes.

Frau mit Smartwatch


Telephone, music and tracking on your wrist: total freedom while jogging or doing other activities.  

Zwei Männer auf Wanderung


Working on the move has never been easier: answer emails, take part in meetings and access all important files without wifi or hotspots.