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COMBOX® for your mobile and fixed network

COMBOX® will take calls for you if you cannot answer them yourself. Our free COMBOX® basic is only available to Swisscom Mobile customers. You can switch to the COMBOX® pro, for a charge, at any time. COMBOX® pro, which comes with advanced functions, is available free of charge to all Swisscom fixed-network and inOne mobile premium customers.

Only for mobile Customers

COMBOX® basic

 Store 20 calls, each lasting up to 3 minutes
SMS to 1 phone number for new messages
1 personal greeting

Price per month

Free with every mobile subscription


Save up to 100 messages (mobile: 5 minutes, fixed network: 3 minutes)
 SMS to 3 phone numbers for new messages  
2 personal greeting, 1 additional for calls from abroad
Personal absence notifications
Forward messages to up to 3 e-mail addresses
Receive and forward fax messages

Price per month

Free with every Swisscom fixed-network subscription and inOne mobile premium

Your benefits with COMBOX®

  • SMS notification for each new message
  • Store messages any time and listen to them on the phone Messages you have listened to are automatically deleted after 24 hours. New messages (that you haven’t listened to) are deleted after 30 days.
  • Record a personal greeting for callers
  • Activate and manage on My Swisscom (Customer Center)
  • Visual Voicemail: See and hear messages from missed calls on your smartphone
  • Alert on your fixed-line telephone to notify you of a new message.

Help, instructions and tips

Find out how to switch your COMBOX® on and off, change your settings or PIN and listen to messages.

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