“Our processes are now totally consistent and accelerate the business.”

Privera AG is the largest independent real estate service provider in Switzerland. As a leading innovator, it is forcefully driving forward the digitalisation of its business and working processes. Property inspections are becoming efficient and uncomplicated thanks to a ready-to-go solution.


Using an important tool – iPad with property inspection app – is set to involve as little effort as possible for the roughly 160 real estate
managers at Privera. The devices are set to work under the maxim “unpack – set up – get going”; daily operation must be stable, secure and customer-friendly. And this without involving in-house IT Services, where possible.


With Enterprise Mobile, Swisscom is providing Privera with a strong complete solution, guaranteeing seamless processes. Included in it
is nationwide connectivity with NATEL® go subscriptions for data communication with the ERP and continuous Lifecycle Management
of the iPad fleet. Remote administration of the iPads is guaranteed and the company data are protected.

Privera AG

> Sector: Real estate services

> Branches: 12 in 3 linguistic regions of Switzerland

> Employees: approx. 450

> Activities: Management, centre, rental and construction management, trading

> Credo: “We make more from real estate.”


Philipp Röthlisberger

Team Leader, Platform Management/Dep. Manager, IT Services

Mr Röthlisberger, please complete the following sentences.

With Enterprise Mobile, we can …

“… make our employees’ daily work considerably easier.”

We like the solution because …

“… it gives a great deal of oversight and simplicity in the company.”

Our customers benefit from Enterprise Mobile because they …

“… receive clear and complete PDF documents very quickly.”

Our advertising slogan for Enterprise Mobile is:

“Out of the box – ready to go!”

These products are used by Privera AG

Enterprise Mobile

The complete mobile solution for business.