“Quickly & easily adapt NATEL® subscriptions –the flexibility delights us.”

Unilabs Switzerland specialises in laboratory services and is active on a global scale. 30,000 medical analyses are performed each day in its 15 laboratories. International working is the norm for many employees. With NATEL® go, they are able to use a subscription that precisely meets their needs.


At Unilabs, the employees’ fields of activity and places of work are as diverse as their communication requirements: some only use their smartphones in Switzerland, others in neighbouring countries or even worldwide. Unilabs was seeking a solution that would provide flat-rate subscription profiles that could be managed precisely and flexibly to meet every need.


With NATEL® go, Swisscom became the first provider to supply a global flat-rate model. More than 650 international partners guarantee the best possible network coverage. Unilabs uses Business Portal to assign each employee precisely the subscription profile they need – whether they are in Switzerland, in neighbouring countries, in Europe or elsewhere in the world.


>  Sector: Medical services

>  Employees: 700 in Switzerland, approx. 8000 worldwide

>  Offering: more than 2500 different medical tests

>  Mission: top quality solutions for doctors and patients

Christophe Gimenez

ICT Assistant/Back Office Management

Mr Gimenez, please complete the following sentences.

With NATEL® go from Swisscom …

“… we can make international calls without worrying about extra costs”.

We are pleased with the solution because …

“… it is extremely flexible and easy to budget for”.

Our customers benefit from NATEL® go, because …

“… the best possible network coverage allows for seamless communication”.

My advertising slogan for NATEL® go is:

“Design your own subscription for limitless sharing”.

This product is used by Unilabs