Give used devices a second life. Get paid to promote sustainability.

  • With Buyback Business, you can help the environment and earn some money along the way.
  • Swisscom buys your used devices and gives them a second life.
  • Swisscom will erase your data with a free, certified deletion process.

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Your benefits with Buyback Business

With Buyback Business, you can make the most of your old mobile phones in a secure, environment-friendly way.


Simple valuation requests

Request a no-obligation estimate and get your devices valued within 48 hours. The take-back guarantee applies.


Certified data deletion

All your data is completely and securely deleted at our processing centre using special Blackbelt software.


Free shipping

Devices are collected from your address free of charge by Swiss Post. Just give us a timeframe when you want them to be collected.


How Buyback Business works


Tell us which devices you want to sell and we’ll send you a no-obligation estimate within 48 hours.



The valuation is valid for 30 or 60 days, depending on the agreement. Device valuations vary according to the validity period, since they are based on the current market value. The price quoted is a guaranteed average value.



We’ll organise the shipping and collect the devices from you free of charge.



Our partner, RS Switzerland, will use Blackbelt software to delete all data from your devices. This service is also available to companies that are not Swisscom customers.



You decide whether you want to receive the payment via bank transfer or to donate it to SOS Children’s Villages.



Do you want to sell your old mobiles or tablets?

Get an estimate for the value of your devices.

We are happy to make you an offer free of charge.

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Swisscom offers to buy used smartphones in partnership with Recommerce Solutions (RS) Switzerland. RS Switzerland, based in Fribourg, is the Swiss subsidiary of the Recommerce Group and was established in 2014.


RS Switzerland contributes to a circular economy by supporting the purchase and resale of refurbished smartphones through various buyback and sales solutions. RS Switzerland resells its products under the Recommerce Swiss brand.


RS Switzerland believes that the future of business and technology can be brought in line with the demands of sustainable development. This is made possible in the electronics markets by promoting sales of refurbished smartphones to consumers and retailers. RS Switzerland meets business, social and ecological requirements along the entire value chain. This is why RS Switzerland has chosen to work with Réalise, a company for professional reintegration and skills development in Geneva. In particular, Réalise manages the receipt and registration of goods, processing (testing) and data deletion on each mobile phone bought back via Swisscom.

15% of devices are exported to emerging nations

12% of devices are sold to Swiss dealers 

36% of devices are sold in Europe 

2% of devices are recycled by partner firm SWICO 

35% of devices are sold on via e-commerce 

About SOS Children’s Villages and the ‘A Future for Every Child’ project

Every child deserves to grow up in a family environment in which they are loved, cared for and protected. SOS Children’s Villages gives a family to needy children in 136 countries, helps them to shape their own future and fosters the development of their communities.


Nicaragua is one of the poorest countries in South America, with average per capita income of only USD 2.12 per day. There are many reasons for this: historical reasons such as the civil war that raged between 1981 and 1990, an authoritarian regime, a one-sided economic structure and frequent natural disasters. Since April 2018, civil and political unrest has resulted in several hundred deaths and forced more than 80,000 people to leave the country.


For thousands of children, daily life is tainted by poverty and violence. In many families, women are the bread-winners, which has led to an increase in abuse and domestic violence in a machismo-dominated culture. Hitting children is culturally acceptable and abuse is an everyday reality. Many children do not attend school because they are required to provide income for the family or because they are simply left to their own devices. The political situation, poverty, unemployment, alcohol and drug abuse, and other social evils cause many families to break up.
In Nicaragua, SOS Children’s Villages runs day nurseries, vocational training centres and schools in various locations around the country. We assist children in their families of origin through our family support programmes. For children who have lost their parents or who can no longer live with their families, SOS Children’s Villages provides a loving home in a family-oriented environment.

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Can’t find the answer to your question?

Our partner Recommerce Solutions Switzerland will be happy to help.


Buyback Business is a secure means of giving your mobile a new lease of life for the environment.


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