Container Services – Swisscom's cloud orchestration services 

Swisscom offers a solution for any containerised application – on-demand, self-service or pay-per-use, always with the strategic aim of maximising developer productivity and operational efficiency.


Instead of building them in VMs, container services enable applications to be quickly and efficiently offered within a company’s IT infrastructure. Applications provide the service that was originally intended and do not need to be adapted. This includes both applications from legacy systems and cloud-native apps developed in PaaS environments.

No lock-in through loose coupling of applications

Flexible orchestration of third party vendors (ISVs) supports rapid scaling. Microservices can be provided and deployed in the container. We ensure that the infrastructure works properly, while you manage container orchestration. Since our container services run on a wide range of operating systems, containerised applications can be used more smoothly and cost-efficiently than in a traditional on-premise infrastructure.

Efficiency through scaling 

Since Container as a Service handles the scheduling, your VMs can be used with ideal resource utilisation. Thanks to automatic scaling, you can make optimal use of your resource pool, thereby saving time and money. Find out more by contacting us directly.

Your expert

David Zimmerli

Senior Product Manager

Achieve top operational efficiency and increase the productivity of your development resources

Reduce costs

  • Reduced Computing footprint
  • Reduced licenses costs
  • High level of standardization 

Increase speed 

  • Fast time to market
  • Higher developer productivity
  • On demand scalability

No lock-in

  • High portability
  • Multi cloud adaptability 

Cloud orchestration

Our partners

Container platform by Red Hat

Container Service by Pivotal/VMWare

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