Success Story of Codalis

«We can offer our customers the capacities they require while also guaranteeing optimum availability.»

Cédric Juillerat,
Director, Codalis

An outsourced data centre for increased agility.

The Geneva IT and mobility specialist Codalis relies on the virtual Swisscom data centre to fulfil its customers’ requirements. Added benefits: more freedom and flexibility when operating the IT infrastructures managed by Codalis.

The challenge: to provide customers with a problem-free, seamless infrastructure.

Codalis is a sustainable provider of IT systems guided by ethical principles that specialises in IT infrastructures, Cloud Services and mobility solutions. It offers its customers tailor-made solutions. To ensure that its customers are satisfied, the company must provide reliable, powerful IT infrastructures. When the time came for Codalis to replace its existing server environment, the company had two options to choose from: to invest in a conventional solution or use IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). “We made the strategic decision to rent the server capacity that we required. So we went looking for a reliable, powerful technology partner who was able to guarantee that the data would remain in Switzerland,” CEO Cédric Juillerat explains.

The solution: IT power in the Swisscom Cloud.

The server environment and the central IT infrastructure of Codalis are managed flexibly in the cloud – with the aid of Dynamic Computing Services (DCS) from Swisscom. “We can offer our customers the capacities they require while also guaranteeing optimum availability,” Cédric Juillerat describes the advantages of the IaaS solution. Because Codalis no longer has to invest in cost-intensive, quickly outdated infrastructures, the company gains freedom and agility for its core business.

The result: a pioneer receives its just reward.

Codalis is one of the first companies to use Dynamic Computing Services. “As actors in the IT sector, we have to be continuously anticipating market developments,” Cédric Juillerat explains the pioneering role of Codalis. “So we were very early backers of the IaaS trend, and the first company to connect the Swisscom SIP trunk with DCS. And now we’re reaping the benefits. We have a reliable cloud infrastructure that is available around the clock. The trust that we have in our partner Swisscom enables us to concentrate on providing our customers with services with greater added value and mobilising our teams for strategic and innovative areas.”

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