Take our digital assessment and work out where you currently are

In our assessment, we work with you to identify relevant areas of focus for digitisation at your hospital. We use this to increase satisfaction levels among employees, patients and partners, optimise treatment quality and improve profitability.

About our digital assessment

The Digital Health Assessment is an independent, structured and holistic assessment and comprehensive analysis of the current digitisation level of a hospital. Personalised support is provided by proven industry experts, who contribute their extensive expertise. Recommendations will be made based on the assessment results, both for decision making and next steps, to give targeted support for the hospital’s continued digitisation journey.

Target groups

The Digital Assessment is aimed primarily at hospital managers as well as hospital IT managers.


A questionnaire will be prepared and additional interviews conducted with members of the hospital management to gain a detailed insight into the hospital’s processes and structures. The collected data is used to create a comprehensive report with benchmark analysis. Together with the hospital, this report will be analysed and discussed and the next steps will be planned together.

Project plan

The assessment comprises four steps:

  1. An interview time is agreed with the customer
  2. The customer completes a questionnaire they have been sent in advance
  3. Interviews are conducted with members of the management
  4. The detailed report is prepared by us and subsequently discussed with the customer

Why with Swisscom?

Results oriented

  • Detailed report with benchmark analysis
  • Evaluation (benchmarking against other hospitals)
  • Identification of areas for action
  • Roadmap/next steps


  • Individual quote
  • Scaled prices depending on hospital size (S/M/L), based on number of beds

The first step