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From your IoT idea to a solution in no time with IoT Services

Around 75 percent of IoT projects fail due to complexity. 

To ensure the success of your IoT project, our IoT experts support you throughout the entire solution process, from IoT consulting, development and design through to implementation, operation and training. Turn your idea into a productive IoT solution within an acceptable time frame.

Take your business to the next level with IoT Professional Services

In today’s business world, the trend is clearly moving in the direction of more differentiated service offerings among product manufacturers. The Internet of Things plays an integral part in this. By intelligently connecting your objects to your systems and processes, you benefit from the many advantages of a data-driven business model. Your company is transformed from a mere producer to an ‘as a service’ provider. You enjoy complete supply chain transparency at all times and full information about the condition of your assets, wherever these are in the world.

Our IoT services support you in the development of a robust IoT roadmap. We put the expertise and cross-sector experience of our IoT experts at your disposal to help get your IoT solution up and running without costly detours. No matter what move you are currently planning, together we’ll find the right path.

When is it the right solution?

If you want to transform your OTC (one-time cost) business model into an ‘as a service’-based business and thus strengthen your position in the market, you need high-quality operating data that you can generate by usefully connecting your products.

Unsure how to integrate the IoT solution with the existing IT strategy and architecture for your business? Perhaps you lack the know-how and internal resources to take the next step in IoT-based digitisation. You want a single solution partner for your IoT project rather than many different ones.

Swisscom IoT experts will help you find a secure IoT solution that meets your needs. You benefit from accurate information about the location and use of your assets, automated monitoring of your products and machines, more efficient maintenance work and a faster response to customer requirements.

Your benefits:

  • Fast time-to-market through a structured, targeted approach
  • Bespoke IoT solutions for new business ideas and efficient processes
  • Complete cost transparency thanks to a proven project design

What to do now

IoT Professional Services

IoT Professional Services bring specialised expertise into your company for the meticulous planning and implementation of IoT projects. IoT engineers plan the most efficient approach to achieve your goals, and project managers ensure the success of your project.

IoT Engineering Services

IoT projects are complex and require extensive advance testing and design to help you make informed and commercially viable decisions. Many IoT implementations require specialist knowledge or tools. Our IoT experts all have the expertise you need. Our services:

  • Technical requirements analysis
  • Solution design
  • Hardware and software development
  • IT system integration
  • Realisation of proofs of concept
  • Implementation, rollout and operation
  • Training

IoT Consulting Services

With our comprehensive IoT expertise and project management skills, we ensure that your projects are implemented on time and on budget. If required, Swisscom will be your general contractor. Our services:

  • IoT corporate strategy
  • IoT IT strategy and architecture
  • Business requirements analysis
  • Project design
  • Project management
  • Project planning and coordination
  • Partner management
  • Project schedule monitoring
  • General contractor
  • Hardware staging and supply

Why Swisscom?

High levels of expertise

Extensive experience from IoT projects across a wide range of sectors.

Comprehensive support

Hardware, connectivity, cloud, analytics, etc.


We are your local partner for globally successful solutions.

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