Archive DICOM images flexibly and scalably with PACSonWEB.

Use new capabilities for sharing, diagnosing, collaborating on and archiving diagnostic images.

A medical product tailored to your individual needs.

Fast loading

Thanks to cloud-based technology

Secure data storage

Swiss data centre to Tier 4 standard

Managed Service

No installation, back-ups or laborious updates

PACSonWEB: Count on a modern image data archive for your practice.

The Picture Archiving and Communication System PACSonWEB is a cloud-based radiological image data archive for practices. With the highest security standards, guaranteed back-up and availability of all data, PACSonWEB is a simple solution for archiving medical images. PACSonWEB has substantially lower costs compared with solutions using local memory.


  • Zero Footprint Viewer (class 2a) integrated
  • Can be used with any browser

Can be used anywhere and on any device

  • Make diagnoses at any time
  • Send reports anywhere with ease

Regulate life cycle

  • Retention time specifiable by modality
  • Retention time of studies imported via Medical Connector specifiable by user

Direct integration with curaMED

  • Access studies from curaMED
  • Work list from curaMED

Do you have questions about our services or about PACSonWEB? We’re happy to advise you.

This is what modern working looks like

  • Log-in page for PACSonWEB

  • Zero Footprint Viewer with toolbar

  • PACSonWEB Viewer with knee shown in six sections

  • PACSonWEB external image distribution

See for yourself.

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What our expert says


“In PACSonWEB, we’re offering a next-generation, secure, cloud-based PACS hosted in Switzerland for your practice. Access your DICOM images from anywhere using Zero Footprint Viewer.”

Andy Zürcher, Sales & Services

Swisscom Health